Well, this isn't what I wanted to deal with right now... 

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Getting COVID isn't what we needed right now... but we are going to make due the best we can in the meantime.
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Tommy پیش 11 روز
Fucking covid is a joke at this point. If no one ever mentioned the fucking virus and media didn't blow it up, no one would even know there is fucking virus
cotes42 پیش 24 روز
This video was released on my birthday, My birthday wish was for Jay to be okay!
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher پیش 27 روز
Always put your health first. I do hope that you'll get through this unscathed.
developer nine
developer nine پیش 28 روز
I love that you are taking all the precautions. By now, you are over COVID (I hope) so this is just a note to say good. I know some people don't believe COVID is all that horrible, but I've lost a relative to COVID and 3 friends. I also know a 30 year old that suffered paralysis in his left arm for 3 months. I don't take to well to people saying it isn't real. I do take very well to what you did, and I appreciate your standing up and being counted. We might disagree on many things philosophically, but I applaud your behaving well.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown پیش ماه
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Family Fun R.C.
Family Fun R.C. پیش ماه
Sorry to hear you live in One of the worst states in America. But the most beautiful state.
Auna Breslin gaming
Auna Breslin gaming پیش ماه
i will tell you this: covid-19 is NOT the worst part, it's the Post covid PTSD stuff that's the issue that i'd be really concerned with. please for the love of god Just Go Grab vitamins rest and do your research there's a lot that will end it (the virus) sooner and it'll be fine i won't worry about the sick-y stuff but limit your stress and you'll be peachy i as many do like you, jay i really hope you don't get the ptsd like i did, do better than i did and nip it in the bud before it happens
Daniel Varela
Daniel Varela پیش 27 روز
Currently suffering from post covid. It's not fun. Last week I was constantly crying every night now matter how much my mom and brother tried comforting me. Despite being negative I still have shortness of breath and fatigue and it really sucks. I have now learned how to take away the stress and take my vitamins. It really is no joke.
Rocktilleri TV
Rocktilleri TV پیش ماه
I'm glad you're mild so far. Hope you get better soon! You got this dude!
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh پیش ماه
what symptoms? sniffles?
Sean Vance
Sean Vance پیش ماه
Go home and rest Jay, 99% of us would rather you come back at 100% then not come back at all.
Christopher Hadsell
Christopher Hadsell پیش ماه
I'm looking forward to you making a full recovery!
Ivan Tumanov
Ivan Tumanov پیش ماه
Ugh, can covid just let itself be dealt with!
romzen پیش ماه
Did you also get tested for the other corona viruses, noro viruses, influenza viruses, rhino viruses and bacteria? Or how do you know that you're symptomatic because of this particular virus? People pretend like loss of smell and taste is exclusive to this corona virus which is blatant ignorance. Will you now always isolate for 2 weeks when you get a cold? Would make sense as covid is statistically irrelevant when it comes to its risk compared to other pathogens.
Sinuku پیش ماه
Jay makes a good point, I always feel weird hitting "Like" on sad/negative posts
AVC2032 پیش ماه
hope u get well @Jay
Deepak Saharia
Deepak Saharia پیش ماه
We all who's the best in fixing your Covid-19. #LouisRossmann .. You are the perfect guy fixing stuff made in China...
-- پیش ماه
OK this video actually sale me a dyson air filter..........
Aidan Tuzil
Aidan Tuzil پیش ماه
At first I thought it was cancer lol. Had me scared for a second. 😅
Jaroslav Jirásek
Jaroslav Jirásek پیش ماه
Hope you will be better @Jay! Givin' you all the power!
Nathaniel Long
Nathaniel Long پیش ماه
I hope you recover quickly, and completely so you don't have long term symptoms. Get well soon.
KuroOkami پیش ماه
Did you catch it from Lethal? Hope you and your family get better soon.
JAY پیش ماه
"The new test" did you get the new Chinese ben dover test
J S پیش ماه
Hope you and fam get better soon!
Corey Howard
Corey Howard پیش ماه
Sucks to hear man. I you and your family are okay. I have a daughter myself and I can't imagine how much I'd be freaking out if she got sick.
Corey Howard
Corey Howard پیش ماه
*I hope you and your family are okay.
nekogod پیش ماه
Get well soon, one thing I would say and probably a moot point now, but perhaps for other people. If you are contagious then stay at home unless you absolutely have to leave for an emergency. Even though you might think it's fine because you're going home to studio and back again with no stops (and it mostly is) if you break down or get in a wreck etc and people have to come and help you then you risk exposing them too.
R R پیش ماه
Stay safe and get well soon! this too shall pass! :)
Moonsider پیش ماه
Shit, man. Sorry to hear. Do what you need to do; health first. Also had the misfortune of catching COVID earlier on in the pandemic, was a rough ride but pulled through. You can too. Hang tough.
The86Ripper پیش ماه
Thanks for sharing, stay safe and have a fast recovery!
A Y پیش ماه
You Americans, Get covid19 vaccine. we here in Israel where the test bench and first in the world, getting the American Pfizer brand vaccine. its wonderful, its 95% protection for catching covid19, and 92% that if you do get it, you get it very lightly without danger to you needing hospital. so its almost a bullet proof vaccine. already 4.5 millions out of the 9 million population here got the vaccine. the rest 4.5 millions are either children's under age 16 so they cannot get it, or some 1.5 million adults too afraid to get a vaccine. so they are the only one getting to hospitals because of that. American brothers do what it needs and get it, be the cost that it be, its worth it. its your life you are dealing with. almost zero people vaccinated gets into medical treatment amazing. 99.9% getting to medical treatment are un vaccinated population. the lesson is clear.
aojohn2 پیش ماه
How/where you get it?
Big Cazza
Big Cazza پیش ماه
low temperature cuz jayztwocents is watercooled
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash پیش ماه
Seen this late, but get well soon!
TorQueMoD پیش ماه
Damn Jay! Was wondering why your content was slowing down lately, but I didn't watch this vid cause I thought it was something hardware-related... Sorry to hear about the COVID. Hope you're feeling better already!
PBMS123 پیش ماه
Honestly you shouldn't even be in the studio, not because of "over working yourself" just because if you test positive you should be quarantining and isolating. Shouldn't even be risking running into anybody.
lordsqueak پیش ماه
Thank you for posting this video.
Tommy Chappell
Tommy Chappell پیش ماه
My Wishes are with you right now.. stay safe and don't be someone your not.. covid is a big concern, just hope we can get through this patch..
Ya choi
Ya choi پیش ماه
tested positive for covid like 5 times last year, covid sure is deadly, for the wallet only :D
Ya choi
Ya choi پیش ماه
@Sr.Facundex are they willing to listen? lol
Sr.Facundex پیش ماه
yeah tell that to the 500k+ americans that died from it
carol imhoff
carol imhoff پیش ماه
God bless you Jay... take care of your self.
Joseph Cyr
Joseph Cyr پیش ماه
Get better man.
James Fether
James Fether پیش ماه
I’ve had covid aswell !! You’ll be fine :)
david web
david web پیش ماه
Tested positive last Tuesday. Got the same symptoms. Still can’t taste and smell going on 6 days, you should be fine.
Wulfsbane76 پیش ماه
I'm sorry but the American attitude for covid is a global joke. We in the UK are in a no socialising, no visitors, no pissing about. You leave your house for grocery shop, medicine and once a day isolated exercise. If you get covid you are not to leave your house unless it's for the test or you are taken to hospital. And you know what? It works. I'm sorry you caught it but with everything I see in regards to the USA and it's handling of covid then you are all dammed fools. Your nations death toll should be a wake up to how the USA basically can't be trusted to be in a grown up world
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love پیش ماه
how did u get it
martin bishop
martin bishop پیش ماه
clean the boxes from china lol
K پیش ماه
Driving a car is one of the riskiest things anyone can do. And when you've got covid, it then becomes a risk for several thousand other people that you might infect if you get involved in an accident. If someone dings your car you can't get out. If you have mechanical troubles, you can't really call anyone for rescue. If you get pulled over by a cop, you might get them and a lot of others infected. If someone touches the same door handle as you, there's a real possibility that they'll get infected. You should NOT drive (or travel at all) while infected. You made a bad decision. Sorry.
Erg Gml
Erg Gml پیش ماه
Take care of yourself and get well soon
Michael Rudiger
Michael Rudiger پیش ماه
Be well Jay and your family!
S D F پیش ماه
kolim jone
kolim jone پیش ماه
The awkward moment when you have to call someone and tell them they should get tested..
D wJ
D wJ پیش ماه
Sorry man. Take care of yo self!
Jeff Legate
Jeff Legate پیش ماه
Wish you a good recovery with no unforeseen issues
proinseas O'Kiellig
proinseas O'Kiellig پیش ماه
Fingers crossed for you and your loved ones..take Zinc and Vit D and Quercitine (sp?) to boost your immune system.. As for the Graphic card draw..could you announce it here too please? I tried to sign up on Twitch but they want my phone number and that's not happening..
Sr.Facundex پیش ماه
they should also take ivermectin that shit saved me, my dad and mom lol
kolim jone
kolim jone پیش ماه
you got cold get over it. flu is even worse
LibertyWalkBMW_M3 پیش ماه
you know its serious when the table is cleared
PBBC Entertainment
PBBC Entertainment پیش ماه
Ditto9003 پیش ماه
Hello Jay, No worries about content at all. The health and Safety of you and your family are absolutely number 1 in my book. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!!
Kieran Beswick
Kieran Beswick پیش ماه
Phil's first edit there.. got me good!
ForesterSOF پیش ماه
That is good to be smart.
BAY35 پیش ماه
Bro, my heart dropped with "I was diagnosed with" thought you were going to say some kind of cancer or something.
Evi Hofkens
Evi Hofkens پیش ماه
Get well soon Jay! We all love you (and your team) and your videos!
Justin Crediblename
Justin Crediblename پیش ماه
try to get a flu test. see if you also test positive. the PCR test isn't meant to diagnose a specific illness. the inventor died in suspicious circumstances after a fairly long campaign of spreading information about it.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu پیش ماه
and smell. Remember back to when you've got influenza before. I remember it at least. #coronavirus
Cara پیش ماه
best wishes to you dude! wish you a good recovery
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu پیش ماه
i hope you feel better in no time jay. Take care of yourself.
klatoo14 پیش ماه
Monoclonal antibodies, hope you got them.
SoFarAwayyy پیش ماه
Take care of yourself, we’ll be here when you get better! 😊
Mash Rien
Mash Rien پیش ماه
"It's been so long I'm surprised I even know how to work it".. Well, your kids are how old now? Feel better man, we'll all be here when ya get back. And best wishes for the family, tends to be a little more rough on kids
Thumper پیش ماه
Thank God you didn't have bad symptoms
palooka Lactuca
palooka Lactuca پیش ماه
Get well soon to your family and team. All Keep hydrated, eating well, sleep mode for your system performance.
Editz26 Smithoni
Editz26 Smithoni پیش ماه
you got cold get over it. flu is even worse
Phathom پیش ماه
Get well soon!
Ibrahim Hajjar
Ibrahim Hajjar پیش ماه
speedy recovery
SRT10 CAS پیش ماه
Sorry to hear Jay, I've been away for a few days as you can see and just played this. I hope you're getting better and are in good order asap !!!
Shooting Enthusiast
Shooting Enthusiast پیش ماه
Bless you and your family. Get well soon!
sicmic پیش ماه
Get well soon buddy.
Raven Black
Raven Black پیش ماه
get well brother soon
thoa459 پیش ماه
i hope you feel better in no time jay. Take care of yourself.
JC Ruhrskov
JC Ruhrskov پیش ماه
No worries, Jason ... covid-19 has got similar symptoms to influenza. Authorities just can't spell "influenza" these days. I mean, c'mon ... influenza also counts for the lack of taste and smell. Remember back to when you've got influenza before. I remember it at least. #coronavirus
AMM Harun ur-Rashid
AMM Harun ur-Rashid پیش ماه
So, it's been 8 days. Hope you and your family are all okay, Jay. Prayers for all. Get well soon...
Jon McClure
Jon McClure پیش ماه
Had COVID myself at the end of December. It sucked. The worst lasted about a week. But when you lose your taste and smell is crazy. 7 weeks later I have recovered my sense of smell but not taste. I still cannot taste most food.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu پیش ماه
upset stomach who died 3 days after testing positive for covid 19.
Tanay Agarwal
Tanay Agarwal پیش ماه
Ohhhh I thought even ur wife dumped u like bitwit
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu پیش ماه
Keep aware of symptoms like, headaches, back aches, numbness and or tingling in your extremities, etc, as in some people the virus makes its way to their brains, which ca
Rev Nicholas Jonsson
Rev Nicholas Jonsson پیش ماه
Fet well soon!!
Catilinae پیش ماه
you will fix it Jay. You'll overclock your immune system and help it with the right health care and this malware will pass for you and your loved ones. Cheers from Italy
Shaun List
Shaun List پیش ماه
Get well soon mate, don't push yourself too hard.
Sven MK808II
Sven MK808II پیش ماه
Jay, you, your family and friends take care
Jacek Lesniak
Jacek Lesniak پیش ماه
if you not coughing, have fewer or suddenly fell in love competely with Intel or Nvidia you should be ok Jay. Get well soon.
Ayoub Harry
Ayoub Harry پیش ماه
I won't swear but you have just the corona i had it and I'm diabetic you will be fine we will miss the energy of the channel
matt k
matt k پیش ماه
Here's to hoping you and your family get through it just fine and come out better on the other side Jay.
Dougie 91
Dougie 91 پیش ماه
Stay well .I need your videos so I won't blow up my new "YAAAAAY" pc
James Rogers
James Rogers پیش ماه
Hammered Thor
Hammered Thor پیش ماه
Hope you, your family and your staff are feeling better and/or are healthy. Don't worry about the content, we'll be here.
Corey Vecchiarino
Corey Vecchiarino پیش ماه
feel better
Black Mage
Black Mage پیش ماه
Do take care, hopefully you should have recovered by now.
Luis Burgos
Luis Burgos پیش ماه
I know I’m late but I just wanted to wish you and your family well
Social Media Meham
Social Media Meham پیش ماه
Keep aware of symptoms like, headaches, back aches, numbness and or tingling in your extremities, etc, as in some people the virus makes its way to their brains, which can cause what they believe is an immune response that can cause, brain welling, neurological damage, etc. There was recently a 9 year old girl who only had headaches and an upset stomach who died 3 days after testing positive for covid 19.
Adam James
Adam James پیش ماه
Our likes are not because we like you being sick.. We just like seeing/hearing from you in general. Get well soon, Jay
Mike Wilcox
Mike Wilcox پیش ماه
Well that sucks, when I had it I lost 25lbs in 14 days, if I can't smell or taste, I don't eat! Get well soon.
SLE Denbot
SLE Denbot پیش ماه
Can always stay home and do some streaming, world of warships, could get a fleet together with all the viewers. Wish you guys all the best and hope you make a speedy recovery.
Nick Faithfull
Nick Faithfull پیش ماه
Get well soon Jay. Sounds like you're over the worst of it. Hope you and your family are feeling better!
Neil Joseph
Neil Joseph پیش ماه
All the best Jay, wish you a speedy recovery. My 'like' is in support. I contacted it back in October but fortunately it was very mild, hopefully yours will be too.
Garyth Dragon
Garyth Dragon پیش ماه
Jay, pulling for you bro. I have been through the gambit with wife and son both positive. I have been able to stay negative this entire 5 weeks while caring for them both at home. If you would like some tips on precautions or help hit me up.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni پیش ماه
Before that this video is sponsored by Covid-19
UK Tech Noob
UK Tech Noob پیش ماه
Can I advise not taking another test. A very high amount of people will test positive afterwards (for up to 90 days) after you are no longer infectious (2 weeks after symptoms appear or your test came back positive) because it takes time for the virus to work its way out of the body. Only reason to re-take the test is if symptoms come back again after your initial isolation (this is assuming the test taken where you are is the same as the one in the UK).
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni پیش ماه
You look so sick
hamyncheese پیش ماه
Covid scam. Jay gets sympathy for covid after weeks of poor benchmarking performance for his LN cooled GPU's
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