There’s no way this cooler should be this cheap! 

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Here we go again with some CHEAP Amazon PC parts that are actually WORTH buying! Check out this cooler featured in this video here - amzn.to/3aBqFyH
Learn more about the Corsaid 5000D at www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Mid-Tower-ATX-Cases/5000D-AIRFLOW-Tempered-Glass-Mid-Tower-ATX-PC-Case/p/CC-9011211-WW
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Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson پیش 4 ساعت
Ended up grabbing this cooler with the same CPU 5900X. I figured it was borderline for the 5900X. In a case I’m getting about 64° while gaming and 70° while running Cinebench R20.
Netty Voyager
Netty Voyager پیش 12 ساعت
anodized or powder coated
Captain Fundis
Captain Fundis پیش روز
What is the cpu cooler
Bill Varner
Bill Varner پیش روز
I went with one of these for my new build, And I have to say I'm very happy. Ryzen 5 3600 Cinabench with the stock cooler stayed at 92-93 c, With this cooler was steady at 72 and it benched nearly 500 pts higher.
Bill Varner
Bill Varner پیش روز
Will say this though. It was a pain in the ass to install, But of course the Cooler Master EVO wasn't much better to install on my old AM3+ system
Erik Carlsen
Erik Carlsen پیش 2 روز
hi jayz are you also doing a test with a cooler in a closed cabinet, it could be cool Erik from Denmark
Stan Lee
Stan Lee پیش 2 روز
So china reproducing patented designs that had 1000's of hours spent in R&D, selling for cheap... yay.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown پیش 4 روز
Jay please tell your viewers to STOP BUYING OVERPRICED PARTS The scalpers are making money because YOU KEEP BUYING THEIR CRAP!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE SCALPERS, STOP PAYING SCALPERS!!!!!
kepeter97 پیش 5 روز
cutouts on the sides are for vrm.
phillip barrell
phillip barrell پیش 6 روز
Any chance you could have a look at there 240mm aio as well?
xbox627 پیش 6 روز
using that cooler right now....its great
Jason Luttmer
Jason Luttmer پیش 7 روز
I love these things. I spent the money on the 2060 SC (400, year old, apparently never overclocked, or used for mining), AMD 5 5600x, then a "cheap" asus b550 tuf gaming board (no wifi, but a card can fix that, or just wired)
Guillermo Rodriguez
Guillermo Rodriguez پیش 8 روز
When a threadripper runs cooler than your 7700k at stock speeds 🥲😫
Lee Stroud
Lee Stroud پیش 8 روز
Stupid question bit do I need to replace the backplate to use this, I have the stock amd cooler that comes with the ryzen 3, thanks in advanced
richard hammond
richard hammond پیش 9 روز
bought one during video!!! thanks jtc
Umer Hayat
Umer Hayat پیش 9 روز
Bro can i fit 160mm air cooler in 155mm case? REPLY PLEASE ❤️❤️
TeddyBear Gaming
TeddyBear Gaming پیش 10 روز
It is a huge pain in the butt to mount it though. The ARGB version is regularly $25 with a $35 msrp and good value for money. Basically a hyper 212 knockoff that is just as much of a pain to mount
Gary collumbell
Gary collumbell پیش 10 روز
i own this cooler and tbh for the money its decent... you will be hard pressed to find as much cooling to money ratio makes this cooler great for low budget builds and even mid range builds using 6-8 core cpu add in good quality thermal paste even better. i upgraded to this cooler after i found that my stock intel cooler was causing cpu temps in the 80 degrees c range(in warzone using a 10400F) now i barley go over 50 even in demanding games. id recommend it for a stop gap cooler before upgrading excellent value if you use good thermal paste it may not even need to be upgraded using stock turbo boost on 6-8 core cpu. in this price range hard to find better was £20 GBP ish so cant complain
Tim Longson
Tim Longson پیش 10 روز
Water cooling King Jay, I have a request for a new water cooling review: actively water cooled GPU BACKplates! EK have added a TRUE active cooling backplate (the "EK-Quantum Vector RE RTX 3080/3090 Active Backplate D-RGB - Plexi" with EK Product EAN: 3831109836460), rather than just being an unappealing metal plate is actively and vissibly water cooled with its own water block and has RGB (don't mix this up with their "founder addition only" unit, with the rear water in/out, as those dont have the water cooling block, and their wording is just hype). Could you please do a review/comparison between the default backplates on GPU waterblocks and the active water cooled backplate, to see what temperature difference there is? Maybe for comparison, compare how the EK specifically made for EK frontplates active watercooled backplate compares to the mp5works "generic" water cooled backplate (which is quite limited as it has to fit on top of all the existing back of all GPU backplates, rather than having a cooling block touching the rear of the GPU components directly) - I heard even the mp5works "fit any backplate" managed to an average of a 10 degrees C drop, with much greater overclocking stability. So really excited to see a proper active water cooled backplate designed to work with the active water cool frontplate. Could be a "game changer", very literally. ;)
Douglas Turk
Douglas Turk پیش 11 روز
Bought this after seeing your video. Been using it for a month now and for the price you can't beat it. Dropped about 10c from AMD stock fan on Cinebench.
Para Noid
Para Noid پیش 11 روز
I think no one how has the money to buy a 16/32 is buying this kind of cooler 😆
Manny پیش 12 روز
Push pull set up please mr jay
Hero Great
Hero Great پیش 13 روز
This performance is based on "111w" usage. If you want to use this with Intel chip, be careful to fine tune your power. I left my 10700 on auto, and it hit 200w+ without notice, and I sweat heavily on that.
Joel Wiest
Joel Wiest پیش 14 روز
Doesn't look like this works for MSI Mystic Lights or Asus Aura Sync
Gaming Edition
Gaming Edition پیش 14 روز
They also do aios you should definitely test them against other well known brands.
MrNightro پیش 16 روز
Have a Vetroo V5 cooler installed in an Optiplex 9020 cooling a i7 4790K (with a full size GTX 1080 adding to internal case temps), this cooler allows the CPU to hold at 4.4Ghz all day long without exceeding 61c on any core. Only drawback was that the RGB light on the fan never worked right out of the box but not a deal breaker on this great budget option. I originally planned on upgrading the fans to a push/pull Noctua configuration but the single Vetroo fan is performing well enough on its' own.
mikedib0 پیش 16 روز
thanks for the tip jay! just bought one they on sale for 24.99 after $5 coupon! cant wait to put this in my first build. still looking for gpu :(
skorpionrazor پیش 18 روز
Here in Argentina, Id-Cooling heatsinks are really cheap for some reason and they are really good. I have a Se-214 model.
Echo Mike
Echo Mike پیش 18 روز
Can you buy just the same fan to set up a push / pull without buying another cooler?
adrian S
adrian S پیش 18 روز
I came to this vid expecting something more “cool” looking than this “cheap” amazon cooler I got and it turns out to be the “cheap” amazon cooler to get !!!!😂😂
Burks پیش 18 روز
Ordered this to replace my Evo 212. Nothing wrong with with my Evo but for $30 (had a coupon), I'm up for it. Plus the black looks better. I will run it in push-pull with a spare fan I have until I get a matching Vetroo fan
Steph’s Kits
Steph’s Kits پیش 19 روز
It’s actually on sale right now for 29.99
Lester Serrano
Lester Serrano پیش 19 روز
Jay is it possible that you can compare it with gammaxx gte v2 black edition or the gammaxx 400ex?
John Lombardi
John Lombardi پیش 19 روز
I'm confused on something here. First he says all he used was the thermal paste that came with the cooler, but then he talks about squeezing the three lines of thermal paste. So did he take off the preloaded stuff and added his own or did he add the additional three lines of paste?
Spizzz پیش 15 روز
He’s saying it comes with a tube of thermal paste with the cooler, not on it.
Nicholas Malkin
Nicholas Malkin پیش 21 روز
I have had much better luck with my Dark Rock air cooler then a few 120 and one 240 radiator for some reason. I think the recent AIOs are getting cheap because they are coasting.
AdditioN L.
AdditioN L. پیش 21 روز
emmm, I think this exact model cost 79 RMB in china, so roughly 12$, and amazon sell it for 35$
Goran Novakovic
Goran Novakovic پیش 22 روز
Wow the black radiator looks good
Bryan Macek
Bryan Macek پیش 24 روز
I just saw it come up on Newegg Shell Shocker for $22. I figured it's worth a try for that. I've struggled with temperature on my 3800X because of the chiplet design. My old 120mm Push/Pull AIO is pretty convex, so I think it's cooling my IO die more than my CCX's. I probably would have given it a pass if I hadn't seen Jay test it. Wish me luck!
Danijel Cerin
Danijel Cerin پیش 24 روز
Take good care of yourself Jay. I wish YOU a fast healing process.
Ryan S
Ryan S پیش 25 روز
I'd like to see how this stacks up against Noctua's NH-U12S, the slimmer and older 120mm cooler that still costs twice the price as this thing. The trouble we frequently run into as builders is, nobody does deep dive reviews of coolers. I mean _nobody._ And so it's easy to fall for the trap of just buying a name brand, because you know what to expect. A word about Amazon reviews too: Yes they have reviews bought and paid for. And you can tell because they will be simplistic as, "it works great!" But IMHO, these are entirely offset by idiots who have the audacity to give one-stars literally because, "I ordered the wrong thing." Look for reviewers who trash products on merit, and then look for reviewers who praise it on merit, you will never go wrong. And one other noteworthy point: Air coolers always always always perform significantly better on and open bench, than in a case. AIO's performance don't change drastically, provided you mount the fans pulling fresh air directly through the radiator fins, and the case doesn't block them too badly. The major important trick of understanding CPU cooling, is that the greater the distance from fresh air supply the intake fans and fin-stacks are, the hotter the CPU runs. Think of an AIO as pretty much the same as air coolers, but with heat pipes that are super long, stretchy, and flexible.
David Le
David Le پیش 26 روز
Is Mr. Die-by-watercooling advocating for air cooling?! 😲 Hell has frozen over...
Justin Denney
Justin Denney پیش 27 روز
Just bought this today, it should be a decent upgrade to the stock AMD cooler that came with my Ryzen 5 3600
Robert Iles
Robert Iles پیش 27 روز
i just got this cool based on this vid and i love it. it works really good with my 3600
Paul King
Paul King پیش 28 روز
I put a Gammaxx 400 V2 (red) cooler on my Ryzen 5 5600X and even when I set it to "game mode" via Ryzen Master I dont see temps above 65/66c even when I am thrashing it on COD black ops for 3 or 4 hours I have to agree with Jay , expensive more established names are not always the best way to go my Gammaxx cost £23 or about $28 US (from Amazon lol) and I could not be happier with it. Now to save up for a better monitor as mine only runs at 60Hz (1900-1080) and I want a 144Hz on at the minimum. Keep up the good work Jay looking forward to more content that helps this 62 year old guy stay young :-)
Giratina143 پیش 28 روز
The air cooler looks exactly like a noctua chromax black!!
Julian پیش 28 روز
So are aios overrated?
Adam Smith
Adam Smith پیش 29 روز
K but if you say it directly competes with the MC Hyper 212, compare performance between them
Keegan Johnson
Keegan Johnson پیش ماه
So, i have one of these and the performance has been very good. i have an i7 5775c, not delidded, took 1.36 to get 4.1 all 4.2 on 1/2 cores, if i try 3 or 4 it crashes up to 1.43v and i lost my nerve at that point plus even on this cooler it was getting into the 80s. So i just nabbed a 3300x at a not rapey price of 150 bucks, nabbed a lightly used b550 for a 30 dollar savings too so that kinda counters the markup on the 3300x. idc i really wanted the ultimate quad core so ill take it. if it kept this 12 core this cool i can imagine ill get a very healthy oc on the 3300x if i pull decently from the lottery. cant wait to find out!
Stray Sheep
Stray Sheep پیش ماه
Jay: “It’s so black even MKBHD....” Cancel culture: *leans in* Jay: “...would like it.” Cancel culture: *leans back*
DrunkSupportCharacter پیش ماه
Had an AIO before 120mm, Wasnt impressed with the noise / Thermals ratio and i focus on small builds anyway, gone back to air cooling cos well its better IMO and more reliable, I tend to have a fanless heatsink with a good airflow case, provided your air is channeling well enough you wont have any problems with AMD CPU's, bit of a struggle right now on the i7s too keep them boosting consistently, i5's tend to work fine.
Keegan Rounds
Keegan Rounds پیش ماه
Does any one know if this works with lga 1200 thinking of using it for a build
F پیش ماه
I just noticed the description said Corsaid 5000D
natma relnam
natma relnam پیش ماه
near-identical product is also sold by a company called Aresgame, who also sells some nice Power Supplies. On my Ryzen 3600 it's giving me better temps than my NH-U14s did, for less than half the price - out of my two, one of the contact plates was nice and smooth, the other was pretty rough, good luck.
blub پیش ماه
Amazon is basically a boot leg Ali express. 99.9% of amazon inventory is Ali express items
alc1489 پیش ماه
Just bought one today and Amazon has 10$ off coupon. I'm excited.
William Gee
William Gee پیش ماه
I would really like to see you do a build with this aircooler. Just to see how it really works inside a gaming pc. Love the videos. Been watching them alot because I'm building my first pc and learning alot.
Darren Lam
Darren Lam پیش ماه
Just wanted to drop back in here to say thank you for shedding some light on this cooler. I just got mine today and I paired it with an old AMD phenom ii 1090t. Initially, I was getting 3.8ghz with an older top down noctua with full load temps hitting 70c. I'm now getting 4.2ghz with full load temps at 55c. Much appreciated! Keep up the amazing content!
Joker Ace
Joker Ace پیش ماه
thanks so much for this vid i was having trouble finding a good priced cooler for my fresh build bc of overheating issues until this video thanks again @jayztwocents
asuchemist پیش ماه
9:18 Those brackets looks like same brackets on Cooler master hyper 212 black edition & BE w/RGB. Maybe he referencing other cooler. 9:30 Love that it attached to my AM4 metal backplate.
Blank Blank
Blank Blank پیش ماه
Im going to purchase this cooler but im getting it off newegg amazon puts stuff like this in a crap bag and people on amazon are saying the fins and boxes are coming beat up and damaged newegg actually puts thing in boxes
brosif29 پیش ماه
Alright, I just installed this yesterday to replace my stock wraith prism cooler on my 3900x. At idle I was running 39-45c with the wraith, I'm now idling at 31-35c. Underload playing Warzone with the wraith I was running around 72-75c, with the Vetroo I'm running 65-70c now. Pretty damn good replacement cooler, and twice as quiet underload vs. Wraith... No more high pitched whine.
Nate Balls
Nate Balls پیش ماه
@brosif29 right on think going to pick it up 24.99 cant beat that
brosif29 پیش ماه
@Nate Balls I think Amazon has a $10 off coupon you can use, I got mine for $24.99. I'm pretty impressed, can't beat it for that price.
Nate Balls
Nate Balls پیش ماه
ty for info yo, was thinking about getting it myself
Raymon Chambers
Raymon Chambers پیش ماه
They make a nice ARGB case fan 3 pack for 19.90 on ebay and this cooler is 29.99.
Scotty پیش ماه
I'm thinking of trying this cooler. What's the thermal paste used?
Matéo Canonville
Matéo Canonville پیش ماه
Now we need a cheap aio ;D
Eric M
Eric M پیش ماه
Bought it :)
Eric M
Eric M پیش 25 روز
This cooler is actually surprisingly good for the price. Prism cooler 73 on cinebench fan full speed and on this 65 with 80% fan speed. Ryzen 3700x
Blacksheep_Edge پیش ماه
I was able to get one of these in the last couple of days, and it works. And it works well. Put it on my new 5600X that I bought. the 5600 was a tray CPU and didn't come with a cooler, but dam if it wasn't a good upgrade, and in my price range.
yambo59 پیش ماه
UPDATE - Ive been running the smaller 92mm version of this in a micro ATX case on my AMD six core 12 thread processor and even CPU stress testing with prime 95 hasnt produced any abnormal temps.
Boebel23 پیش ماه
Good recommendation. My 3600 never got above 70C. Highly recommend it to anyone interested!
Allah Turbo
Allah Turbo پیش ماه
i find the problem with cpu cooler review is that the results is all over the place,i compare aio review results from many channels and site, on one site product A is way better than product B, on another site product A was much worse than product B, lian li galahad for example, it ranges from being one the best to one the worse from reviewer to reviewer
Gamrus پیش ماه
Welcome to the channel of misleading master with some inappropriate tests, unfollowed.
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool پیش 6 روز
bye loser
MRAK3NZY پیش ماه
Emm... Am i weArd when i like look of *classic* coolers: Cooper pipes, alluminium radiator and stock noctua fans?
MateusMeddeiros پیش ماه
A brand that REALLY surprised me was Scythe, i've bought a Scythe Fuma 2 to cool my 9700k 2 years ago, and holy bejesus, in a typically 30°C room temperature, the cpu almost never breaks 70°C, only in a really really hot day of summer, this cooler is a beast, AND very silent, most, if not almost all of the noise that my pc does, comes from the very loud and very hot Zotac 2080 that i have.
George Whitaker
George Whitaker پیش ماه
Just installed this cooler on my rig and have to say works amazingly better than the stock AMD cooler
MHBGT پیش ماه
Very interesting results, did you ever take second look at the AIO (mounting position/paste etc)?
GetOverHere پیش ماه
tutacat پیش ماه
You guys have coolers for your CPU?
MoVieZafterMidNiGhT پیش ماه
Have you ever tried to couple a water cooler with an air cooler? On either side of the air cooler or the water cooler pump?... I really like the other type of "front facing" air coolers...
Adam c
Adam c پیش ماه
Yep i got a 5 pipe 25 buck air coolet and my cpu stays cool even on r23 load temp is stable on a 3600 clocked up to 42.50.
Wild Bill
Wild Bill پیش ماه
Got one delivered today from Amz and an extra Fan for £31.00 - the black ones went out of stock for a while - and I am going to give it a go on my new R7 3700X. Thanks for this Video!
Brandon Tang
Brandon Tang پیش ماه
Just wanted to say thank you for this review and suggestion. I purchased it and couldn't be happier and/or surprised. Thanks again
SoVersetile پیش ماه
What cpu is he cooling?
RicePinoy پیش ماه
Thanks for the suggestion. Just picked this up because when I was editing videos my stock wraith cooler on my ryzen 5 2600x was get to nearly 88c. This cooler was super cheap and brought me down to low 60c while editing. I also got lucky and my cooler pipes were flush at the bottom with no weird gaps. Thank you again for the recommendation and for the cheap cost I'm truely satisfied. 🤗
Nicholas Kj
Nicholas Kj پیش ماه
imagine if u add another fan
The hair on your screen
Slap a delta fan on it and see how far u can oc that processor
Zechs113 پیش ماه
I just bought this cooler and Amazon had a clip coupon for $10 off when I viewed the items my cart before moving onto shipping and payment options. So I got it for $26.80 after tax and coupon. EDIT: Same company has a pretty neat looking case -Vetroo K2 Mesh M-ATX Computer Mid-Tower Case. They also have 240mm and 360mm AIO's and looks like they have the same fans as the air cooler.
Beyondcool پیش ماه
you are a sales, not a product tester
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool پیش 6 روز
Jerry Bittner
Jerry Bittner پیش ماه
A machined surface left slightly rough actually gives you a larger surface area for thermal transfer when used with a thermal compound then a smooth finish will.
OprahsKankles پیش ماه
The wistful canadian frustratingly long because calf suprisingly taste round a kindhearted pan. hilarious, exultant millennium
13歲的窮人裝機 Young Guys' Tech
Hello! 林仔did a video about THIS and you are like Alishasha AGAIN.
Jorrdanna پیش ماه
I got the white one. It comes with an all white rgb fan which I think was a nice touch.
Ordered the day of this video. Just got it in today. Definitely impressed with it. Slightly oc ryzen 5 3600 under stress test running at 60-65c and idle temps between 30-34c. Big difference over the stock cooler.
@Dave Russell I don't notice it. But then again my case has 7 140mm corsair ML fans in it lol.
Dave Russell
Dave Russell پیش 18 روز
But is it quieter than the stock cooler?
Brick Tamland
Brick Tamland پیش ماه
Just tried installing this shitty cooler and it didn't line up on the 4th screw hole
Douglas Foust
Douglas Foust پیش ماه
When a 12 thread is a low core count.....what a time to be alive.
Cedric Wong
Cedric Wong پیش ماه
Lol...11X Watt Package power on Cinebench R23 and you say this air-cooler is good and even better than a 240-AIO... its even worst than primary school science. If your point is making any sense, those Noctua D15 and Arctic 240 something like that should not be exist, as a $35 USD air-cooler is already good enough for such an powerful CPU zen3 5900x.
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool پیش 6 روز
English much?
hardmandx پیش ماه
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/qadllKi4p17Sm5c.html I dunno why a youtuber with 3M followers could be unprofessional like this
expired cracker
expired cracker پیش ماه
dumb test
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool پیش 6 روز
dumb comment
Nachiket Subhash
Nachiket Subhash پیش ماه
@ 9:55 did he just said Threadripper 5900x system?!?
l l
l l پیش ماه
Did you use the included paste?
Mars OMG
Mars OMG پیش ماه
Having an air cooler cooling in open air is displacing heat instantly. I believe if you put the air cooler into a case, the temps will be much higher since the cooler is taking on system air which is board vram, gpu and ram heat confined to the case. An AIO will cool the case air faster as it is making contact to outside sources faster then an air cooling config. imo.
Dread Walker
Dread Walker پیش ماه
It's back in stock along with the fans from before www.amazon.com/upHere-Wireless-Airflow-Adjustable-Radiators/dp/B07DHM6SW9/ref=pd_bxgy_3/141-8950931-9942908?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07DHM6SW9&pd_rd_r=cb4efb3f-6fbc-4f78-8327-d21cbb4971b3&pd_rd_w=33tEs&pd_rd_wg=L6zi0&pf_rd_p=f325d01c-4658-4593-be83-3e12ca663f0e&pf_rd_r=EGT8K9PTA39W8YZ7NFYG&psc=1&refRID=EGT8K9PTA39W8YZ7NFYG
VL125 پیش ماه
Should be a ekl Ben Nevis knock off
Don’t let the price fool you...