NVIDIA cant ignore this any longer... 6800XT performance is increasing! 

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The RTX 3080's lead is starting to narrow with these custom built 6800XT cards! Today we look at the ASA 6800XT Strix OC Liquid
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stopdropandroll پیش 2 روز
shill's 2 cents
RowdyRager -
RowdyRager - پیش 2 روز
Nvidia or AMD it all seems luke Ford vs. Chevy to me. I have had nvidia cards and amd cards they all functioned fine until they just simply wore out.
MindTreat پیش 2 روز
I bought a 6800 XT in the local pc store last week. If anyone of you are sitting and just checking online status on the hardware, you'll get disappointed. My local store doesn't even list the cards online due to the INSANE demand and trying to prevent scalpers/miners of getting the cards. But i had to physically go to the store and ask for a card, and it just happened to be they had just gotten 3 cards that day. They had one 6900 XT and 2 of the 6800 XT. I payed approx 1300 euro for the 6800 XT card. BUT i am NOT impressed with AMD at first glance. The card can't goto 144 hz without having the VRAM constantly locked on highest peak. Only when switching to 120 hz the auto adjust kicks in and lowers the speeds. Does it matter if VRAM is going full clock 24/7? I dunno, but the drivers and software are doing something behind the scenes that are NOT working correct atm.
ThatBroMan پیش 4 روز
I have a MSI trio 6800xt on order...just need to sell my 3070 1st lol
HenryThePooh HTP
HenryThePooh HTP پیش 4 روز
Still can't buy it
lordmcted پیش 8 روز
ha! well i have a time machine and went back to get a 6800gt that was super available and it even uses an accelerated graphics port
Lord of the Green Poops
Lord of the Green Poops پیش 9 روز
You should compare this to the RTX 3080 Sea Hawk from MSI, it's 80 dollars cheaper on MSRP and well, it's a 3080 which should be faster than a 6800XT
Jheron Nunez
Jheron Nunez پیش 9 روز
it would be nice to see where it stacks with the other 6000 series cards =)
thEm3atstick !
thEm3atstick ! پیش 10 روز
I wish the Auros Xtreme had that much tubbing for their 3090. They should take notes from Asus
Sirjacome48 پیش 11 روز
I just bought this card! :)
Bruce Bell
Bruce Bell پیش 11 روز
Bullcrap overpriced junk. Card scalpers can blow it out their asses.
Rainier Corpuz
Rainier Corpuz پیش 11 روز
Honestly it doesnt look good specially those long tubes.
TRUTH SEEKER پیش 12 روز
J knows his audience.
JP Morais
JP Morais پیش 13 روز
Stupid stuff 🤬
J C.
J C. پیش 14 روز
I'll just overclock the fans
'I'o pua'a uahi Papale
'I'o pua'a uahi Papale پیش 14 روز
[laughs in rtx]
The Connoisseur
The Connoisseur پیش 14 روز
I'm not mad that you're reviewing something we can't buy, I'm just mad I can't buy it! lol. 6800xt looks sick
1badpete999 پیش 14 روز
Lol it's totally indecent to flash to our face a video card that no one can get , that you would have to sell a kidney to afford ! Just knowing ahead of time within 4-5 years will be completely obsolete worth no more than 30% of its face value !sell a kidney
Alisandro Rodriguez
Alisandro Rodriguez پیش 15 روز
This gpu is available in my country but I don't want to spend $500
C H پیش 16 روز
1500 or more? try 2500-3k lmao
Ha Gu
Ha Gu پیش 16 روز
New GPU you say? Great!!! Scalpers are thrilled....
I’m sorry if I offended anybody
By the time we are able to buy pc parts, new parts will come out and those will be out of stock....
Rich Scott
Rich Scott پیش 17 روز
I have several 6800XT's to sell, oh! and you find them available at many places too. Most are all under $200 USD. They are fully functionable and in Used Condition. The main different that the prefix lacks RX.
omeer rahman
omeer rahman پیش 21 روز
Good for people who want the best performance and don't give much of a damn about aesthetics.
Antoine Finch
Antoine Finch پیش 23 روز
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson پیش 23 روز
but at what cost? all the extras just to get close but no cigar
Annihilator2011 پیش 27 روز
Both hilarious and aggravating these companies keep dumping cards onto YT channels but none of them are available to the consumer at decent prices. Frankly, these review videos are utterly worthless in the current market conditions and will be outdated by the time anything is available. (Insert multiple rude hand gestures and noises here)
HulkHollow /No00Bs_GoD
HulkHollow /No00Bs_GoD پیش 27 روز
I love it id buy it for1200$
MCES LEX پیش 28 روز
Nvidia and AMD are such crap companies they can't even make enough GPU's to meet the demand 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Imagine Apple not being able to make 200 million iPhone per year 😂 Nvidia and AMD are mom and pop joints while Apple is Mcdonald's 😂
Puknut پیش 29 روز
The product has been out for how long now? Still can't buy it, but you have one. Thanks JAY!
Jstar Productions
Jstar Productions پیش 29 روز
Your results show the RTX 3080 beating the 6800xt on all games at 1080p yet nearly everyone else results show that the 6800xt beats the 3080 at 1080p and even 1440p due to driver overhead?
FG پیش 6 روز
Driver overhead is due to poor CPU. Those results don't look the same when using a good CPU like 10900k
Sam پیش ماه
I miss the heavy metal sound track during the bench marks.
V M پیش ماه
You should stock up on more GPU’s. You and all your IRitem buddies. Just keep getting more GPU’s. MORE. GPU’S. Then just make videos about them with other GPU’s that you no longer use just taunting us from the background.
V M پیش ماه
Yes let’s review gpu’s for consumers who can’t purchase any unless they buy them at 200-300% inflated prices. BUT LET’S SHOW YOU WHAT THEY CAN DO SINCE YOU CAN’T AFFORD THEM HAHAHAHA
Nicholas Götze
Nicholas Götze پیش ماه
Will there also be a version from asus without the aio like the 6800?
Raúl Sánchez
Raúl Sánchez پیش ماه
Nice, another graphics card i cant buy
Laura Brown
Laura Brown پیش ماه
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Ryfy پیش ماه
My park bench is water cooled.
Ryfy پیش ماه
Jay's so funny.
Kurho Oni
Kurho Oni پیش ماه
all my life i bough Nvidia But with the recent events, i m rly considrering AMD,
Skedge پیش ماه
its not enough for me, as i already have everything installed, and can just plug in the 3080 and just boot windows a few time and have everything work, is much easier than having to install new drivers and stuff i dont wanna do.
Los Bartos
Los Bartos پیش ماه
if i could choose... would still go for the rtx 3090
wayne tuttle
wayne tuttle پیش ماه
yawn,,, come one... I know it's not your fault but if I was you I would boycott these companies till they made stuff available. I mean, its great to watch you play with stuff I can't buy if I wrote the check but... Please stop or I am going to unsub
wayne tuttle
wayne tuttle پیش ماه
Nevermind, I'll just unsub... I will check you out in a year or so..
TheFeuxdufox پیش ماه
And wire sheathes are real.
TheFeuxdufox پیش ماه
But it’s so pretty...and by the time I get it... it will end up like my 6870
TheFeuxdufox پیش ماه
MSRP is 1199 or something like tht
TheFeuxdufox پیش ماه
Amazon wants 1899$ for this right now
Svingarm پیش ماه
will never ever give more than 400-500$ for a card. its just not worth the few ekstra fps NEVER
MrElemantal پیش ماه
It makes me want a strix 6900 xt OC But i need to be a make a wish kid to get one
Thor Alexander Michelsen
The card looks massive.
Pro720HyperMaster720 پیش ماه
I would prefer the XFX 6800 XT rather than a 2080 Ti, if it were a 3080 an argument can be made, but "for the same price" I think the 6800 XT is a superior choice overall
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher پیش ماه
1:15 What is AIO short for? 8:02 I feel that the performance is so much more important.
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott پیش 25 روز
All In One
Brian Connelly
Brian Connelly پیش ماه
Well they can since no one except streamers and crypto mining box builders can get their hands on either one of them, there really isn't anyone out there who can complain about it
ApolloCreedAoC پیش ماه
Let's focus on what's important. That ladder in the back ground doesn't look like a dewalts ladder. And with any other ladder brand you might as well be strapping stilts to the back of roller blading cats.
Cornelio rodriguez
Cornelio rodriguez پیش ماه
Lmfao stop saying stupid stuff
Raph Tardif
Raph Tardif پیش ماه
"Stop saying stupid stuff " This is what happens when your channel pops off, you get more attention from idiots lol.
Kevin Cox
Kevin Cox پیش ماه
March 3rd, 2021 this is going for 1800$ US on Ebay.
Revlis the Reviler
Revlis the Reviler پیش ماه
FineWine returns ;)
The Firehawk
The Firehawk پیش ماه
How can you claim this almost touches the 6900 and yet in the benchmark graphs it barely beats a normal 6800?
The Firehawk
The Firehawk پیش ماه
Buying this thing and not overclocking the shit out of it is criminal, benchmarks of that would be more useful
Joe PWI پیش ماه
Well, not really needed unless you plan on pushing 400+ W on this card. My new XFX 6900XT Merc runs basically inaudible with 2520-2540Mhz ingame and 340W peak PowerDraw (whole card) locked there with 1108mV via the MorePowerTool. Man, was I glad when I found out you can still put anything on AMDs cards in terms of OC..or at least much higher than NV.
Constantine پیش ماه
360mm??? Wheres
Travis Centers
Travis Centers پیش ماه
I like my AIO just like my women, THIC
Benjamin Paxson
Benjamin Paxson پیش ماه
1:27 Moo!
noodlezdotcom پیش ماه
paying almost 1000 dollars for a mid grade card and even those are out of stock LOL!? scalpers scalping , retailers scalping and more importantly newegg scALPING everybody scalping!
Peter Paradis
Peter Paradis پیش ماه
got a bunch at MSRP 6800xt's and 6900xt's
Via Shadow
Via Shadow پیش ماه
Some of yall need to go back to console so I can buy my parts again damnit
lionchamp29 پیش ماه
My old 1060 3g is selling for 400$
Nom پیش ماه
We've got all these people trying to upgrade with 4 year old hardware. Give the rest a chance. 🤷 Just lower your settings for fps.
Bleezey پیش ماه
Micro center Long Island, had these cards chilling
Vertisce پیش ماه
Can you stack radiators and still sufficiently cool a system? I just wonder what would happen if you had two 240 AIO's but only enough space for one of them in your case. Could you stack them and still have them both cool their respective GPU and CPU?
Jérôme NANCY
Jérôme NANCY پیش ماه
Obviously...it depends. One of the AIO will receive hot air from the other, so it will underperform. But it may be enough for the performance you need.
Gregory Martin
Gregory Martin پیش ماه
Oh, I get it! You need to talk about this stuff because that's what you do. Since nobody is producing anything, and nothing is available in the marketplace, you still have to talk about it anyway. What else are you going to do, right? So now that I get it , I will stop talking about " STUPID STUFF!". I know, I will simply archive all of the things that you talked about that I cannot buy. So then if I ever can buy them, at least I'll have your IRitem article all saved up and ready to go. Pretty clever huh?
Xen Anon
Xen Anon پیش ماه
Put Ark specifically Aberration on your benches. It's the new Crysis for benches. ("New" I know, but even today it's the only game that tanks EVERYTHING)
Riks 8
Riks 8 پیش ماه
well i have to sell my house for that... and yes they aren't in stock.
SLVRFOX88 پیش ماه
Saw someone at micro center buy the 6900xt version randomly probably scalper
stephen stritch
stephen stritch پیش ماه
Stupid stuff.....
The Jolly Sloth
The Jolly Sloth پیش ماه
Nope, simply not good enough for gaming compared to the 3080. I'd rather save a bunch of cash, go for the 3060 ti or 3070, and get DLSS and RT.
Exalerion پیش ماه
4:49 SpeedFan takes care of that.
Quiet Wanderer
Quiet Wanderer پیش ماه
as soon as he got that thing out of the box, I could help say "Holy that MF is huge", and I though my Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT was a chonker
Joel Arner
Joel Arner پیش ماه
I like your videos but. put an ESD strap on !!!!!
John Terpack
John Terpack پیش ماه
I'm still rocking an RX 460. I almost get console-level FPS on Sims 4. These might be available by the time I can afford them. Sad thing is, I was a borderline AMD fanboy up til now. This semi-launch has hurt their image tremendously. Instead of whooping Nvidia they seem to have joined them on the dark side.
Captain Culpeper
Captain Culpeper پیش ماه
Nothing like reviewing a card you can never buy lol. That's my two centz Jay...
Intrepidation پیش ماه
Who even cares anymore? It's not like mere mortals can buy these at some kind of retailer at anything remotely close to MSRP.
Not Sure
Not Sure پیش ماه
Price is expected to be high. I wonder if it will reach the 3000 money units (1500~1700 EUR) in my country when/if available... I'm not paying absurd amounts of cash on something like this.
Ervtard پیش ماه
Frankly AMD's problem hasnt been hardware performance for quite a while. Quality-price-wise, they have had Nvidia beaten for a couple generations now. But as most of us learned the hard way, AMD's problem is software performance. Their drivers are a horrible buggy mess. Never had so many issues with so many different game as I have had with AMD GPUs, to the point where id rather a Nvidia card with lower specs than even the best performing AMD card.
Jacob Fuqua
Jacob Fuqua پیش ماه
It's Tweezers* Jay... XD
metro melvin
metro melvin پیش ماه
Definitely a good time to stick on with your older build. All the premium paid with hard earned money will be soul crushing with the next generation performance increase. As they have some good numbers as of late
Shadre Sanford
Shadre Sanford پیش ماه
My thought is if you can find anything AMD or Nvidia is good if you have the money. Able to come across a ROG STRIX Nvidia 8G OC 3070 for 1,049 at a brick and mortar PC shop locally that I didn't know about until the other month. Only two of those left..
Othx پیش ماه
I need to upgrade my monitor first
Jimmy B
Jimmy B پیش ماه
The fan was wobbling?
Alex Alexeev
Alex Alexeev پیش ماه
What about AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution that becomes available in March this year ? As per AMD , it's supposed to be an ultimate answer to Nvidia DLSS
Nick Hall
Nick Hall پیش ماه
Cheecky sods, I made a hybrid cooler like that 6 months ago to a 5700 as at that time WC was either unavailable or too expensive so I buils a hybrid cooler :)
Krane پیش ماه
DP 1.4...meh. Call me when it gets updated to DP 2.0. Hopefully by Q4 2021. Although with Covid still running around nobody can say for sure. But I can wait.
Mas Airman
Mas Airman پیش ماه
So marginally better than the ref 6800 XT.
_UnPr3diCtabl3_ پیش ماه
I like my 6800 XT and my gf her 6800 😌
Shiroi Kiba
Shiroi Kiba پیش ماه
There was a time when you buy a graphics card at this price point you can be sure its future proof. Now these cards aren't even future proof, the next jump is just a little bit increase in performance and a significant increase in price.
KilonBerlin پیش ماه
1.) I only find other crap channels, and my English sucks, but I already often asked my self: Can't Nvidia/AMD (Already had such thoughts when I bought my desktop in May 2018 and later again at RTX-20 release and ofc now again "Can't they somehow make the cards unattractive for Mining? I dont know how the cards work @ mining, but without making them crap for Gaming I asked myself this, this was just when "Mining"-Cards (The one I saw when I visited my shop back than were small in size, no VGA-output, a bit reduced clock rates as the memory-bandwith seemed important and no warranty, 10 card packs had a if you checked the total price and cheap package (only a bag of plastik with a sticker on it), but the fact that I bought the #1 1070 in total sales in their joint ventures because of mass discounts, smallest 1070 twin on the market, and clocks up to 2ghz and very effective in use, now after now long ago they wrote that even the mobile RTX 30-notebook's are used for mining (or the GPU? but using far away from ~200 to 350W?), even or especially the RTX-3060 compared in total price and prices for a 3060 (I think they were 2000€ in small 13-15" display, while 15² display already was an extra-pay option), and now I had an article on my phone that Nvidia "stops mining on 3060"? They want to change something in the code which makes the mining operation as slow as 40 to 50% and as a noob I understood it like that function is so important like dropping clock rate by 50-60%, memory bandwidth too but keeping Energy-Usage at 100%... and they say, that this command would work according to that magazine's "experts" with all of the right now new produced cards... I think they meant RT-30 and not the 2060-Non-Super and 1660 of all kinds (most are as well no "Ti"/"OC" and/or Turbo, as the price without is already close for both cards to the smallest 1070 x2 I bought in 2018... I mean is it so easy hackable? maybe, but wouldn't a production of these and the special mining cards which Nvidia once again want to launch more than "look, here, mining cards, no VGA output, cheaper, but yea the only market to sell used mining cards would be a global market for "starting" miners in developing or ultra poor countries where power costs less than 10% and where its hard for many smaller miners to get the money for high-end investment BUT you can still buy Gaming GTX/RTX cards..." Offering Mining cards on the short terms as comments said wouldnt help against "silicium shortage" right now, but miners which are willing to pay over twice the MSRP for a 3080/3070 now are simply buying one, if normal gaming cards would in a lot of casses be worse to mine than all the 20-Series and maybe even "best" super OC1660 Ti cards they would feel what we feel, so they didn't make/try something so far because of "capitalism" blabla? they should remember how many gamers and now maybe gamers kids made them great (I remember the TNT, 3dfx/voodoo cards, ATI...and every ~2 years a new upper budget, lower mid card was bought by me and friends of mine and "internet coffees" specialized in gamerz, and if crypto currencies become sooo important like many people already say since earlier 2010's and the state and so on will allow it, than anyway more than 1 company will come and produce cards to make all these crypto-stuff, would make a card really cheaper if its only developed for miners, but so far I think incl. all the costs, having no own factories its like trying to build electric cards just after gulf war 1 with everything, especially batteries buying on the market and only put the cars together...30 years later (now, look tesla and hundreds other E-mobility companies) absolute no problem but back than nope..
DoxYDox DeLamanca
DoxYDox DeLamanca پیش ماه
Or, just no RGB'd Fan at all.
DoxYDox DeLamanca
DoxYDox DeLamanca پیش ماه
hdmi 2.1, Jay. (At 4:12)
Obsidian Destroyer
Obsidian Destroyer پیش ماه
Justin webb
Justin webb پیش ماه
Jay stop making videos on new cards I don’t care for the reasoning. If we can’t get them we don’t need to be reminded of them a million times.
I owe AMD an apology...
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