My broken RTX 3090 KINGPIN is worse than I thought... 

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I took my broken RTX 3090 KINGPIN card to EVGA to fix... it's broken worse than I thought. Meanwhile, let's try to get the pot mount more secure.
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SM A پیش 6 روز
maybe power throttle.
John Smith
John Smith پیش 18 روز
use gloves man
ronch182 پیش 23 روز
"Standard" aka Freedom units
Svingarm پیش 24 روز
just use pliers to hold the screw while tightening with a wrench :)
L bamfoe
L bamfoe پیش 24 روز
It's like watching a mad scientist.
Joshua Fino
Joshua Fino پیش 26 روز
Jay cut the handle off of the c clamp and weld a nut on then use a dial type torque wrench
Phil W.
Phil W. پیش 27 روز
Oh yeah my heart goes out to you cause you broke your RTX3090 and yet have a spare and then some. Yet here I am with a RTX1050 and can't get anything better at the moment and can't run half the games on the market. So sad
Walter Machnicz
Walter Machnicz پیش 29 روز
Any loose thread can be held by lock tight. There are different grades and stud holding. Depending on whether permanent is acceptable.
Cool Name
Cool Name پیش ماه
I enjoy seeing the struggle....It makes it 'real' ......
Laura Brown
Laura Brown پیش ماه
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Jeremy Williamson
Jeremy Williamson پیش ماه
Or you could tap it
Jeremy Williamson
Jeremy Williamson پیش ماه
They do have them...... ace
robert stevens
robert stevens پیش ماه
Why would anyone do this to a 2000 dollar GPU...whats the point?
Erilaz پیش ماه
Jay, a youtuber in America: accidentally whacked a resistor off the board while lapping the die - sends the card to manufacturer Me, a normie in Russia: opens the card to clean it from dust and change the old paste - warranty void due to bloody sticker
Łukasz Szpala
Łukasz Szpala پیش ماه
Send it to Taiwan ... ?? Dude, I see palm trees in the background, that means Florida or Cali. If Florida, than sorry can't help you. But if Calli ... iritem.info My Bro Alex will fix you up in notime !!! xD cheers from Poland
K1elb پیش ماه
Maybe u can try to bolt those nuts with a torque screwdriver. They have a much lower range of torque.
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen پیش ماه
John Ritchie
John Ritchie پیش ماه
I would have sent it to Louis FIRST.....then EVGA. Keep doing these videos. We all get frustrated at times and you are just a normal person too. We are here for the ride......bumps and all.
BooBunny پیش ماه
2:10 they make micro torque wrenches.
Norwegian Smores
Norwegian Smores پیش ماه
is this the card you did not send to louis to fix? the one you "fixed yourself"? XD
hamyncheese پیش ماه
Don't pretend like your fingernails are dirty when they are not.
BirdPerson پیش ماه
Still looking for excuses..
fergus ferguson
fergus ferguson پیش ماه
Does anyone know where you can buy a GPU.
Oni Vamp
Oni Vamp پیش ماه
Uvis Senkans
Uvis Senkans پیش ماه
If it is just the cap knocked off but solder pads are still intact should be very easy to fix with hot air gun. I guess you would have done it yourself in that case. Even if the pad is ripped off, as a workaround you can scrape some soldermask off the trace using a scalpel, solder a tiny slice of copper/aluminium strip to the track so that it extends long enough for a cap to land and make a good contact for both ends, solder it back with hot air gun and glue it in place to secure. Kinda of a micro surgery but anyone who has some experience with SMT PCB repair should be able to do it.
barndogusn پیش ماه
I was thinking you might break the 2nd card too.
nintendo play pre beta
problems in pararise jay? this is a mock up, you cant buy a rx 5600 for $380
Jonathan Allbritten
Jonathan Allbritten پیش ماه
this video is stressful
Sim Deck
Sim Deck پیش ماه
You guys still use inches and pounds? Grow and get with the 80's
Anthony Saponaro
Anthony Saponaro پیش ماه
You need a little Helicoil repaid kit
Tim Dempsey
Tim Dempsey پیش ماه
not the cheapest option but here is convenience and peace of mind there other options
Tim Dempsey
Tim Dempsey پیش ماه
GriffOutdoorTV پیش ماه
get a torque wrench for putting rifle scopes on that would probably work
Scott Vandergriff
Scott Vandergriff پیش ماه
What about the special little torque driver that came with Threadripper chips? They "break" like a torque wrench don't they?
Joseph Wimer
Joseph Wimer پیش ماه
Ah... the cost of pushing boundaries.
Nick Burgoyne
Nick Burgoyne پیش ماه
I worked in a physics lab for 5 years. There's a reason we wear safety goggles, gloves and a lab coat while using liquid nitrogen. One splash in your eyes will permanently blind you - or, at best, cost a huge amount of time and energy and cash in hospital visits. At the very least wear lab goggles. Please.
Matt Storr
Matt Storr پیش ماه
Jay, I know you've already sent your card away, but there are many specialist electronic places with the capability to fix that board. Try STS Telecom (iritem.info/life/39yMXOL0ubFxLWwF1RwelA). Just send it over and he'll solder that back in a jiffy !
Eezee پیش ماه
Hindsight seeing that EVGA guy unable to wear a mask properly while standing next to Jay who was likely covid positive at the time
Kyle Mooney
Kyle Mooney پیش ماه
Wow...Jay....you are such a noob...you are old AF and can't solder....SMH
NightWolfx03 پیش ماه
I wish I just had some stuff laying about and some nitrogen to play with, it's remotely possible I could be dangerous XD
BigFirm Ware
BigFirm Ware پیش ماه
Jay gave EVGA covid
rempat1994 پیش ماه
you have to screw in the screws diogonally for even pressure otherwise one side will get more pressure
Caio Boa Morte
Caio Boa Morte پیش ماه
Olha o techlabs AEE!!!
Jeremiah Schorn
Jeremiah Schorn پیش ماه
international standard netwons per meter, for your application 4 inch pounds max 6
DarkShadowsX5 پیش ماه
it looks ilks a ceramic capacitor because of the color. resistors are almost always black. color coded parts make a techs job easier.
Arwo پیش ماه
Get it to Louis Rossmann I’m pretty sure he’d be able to fix it....
Michael Meux
Michael Meux پیش ماه
I love turning wrenches. My hands get stain from certain grease. usually if my hands and arms aren't covered in cuts, burns and my nails are clean. Just means it's been slow lol
Jerahya پیش ماه
I was like "Is that the pad still attached to the capacitor?"
Jason Lowmaster
Jason Lowmaster پیش ماه
Yeah, I thought it looked like the pad ripped off the board, too. That's never a good time.
bevosully پیش ماه
Send it to Louis Rossman ahahaha
Zack W
Zack W پیش ماه
If that's one of those inexpensive 1/4" torque wrenches.. I stopped using mine on cars because it's too unreliable. NEVER MIND a GPU!
simply be good
simply be good پیش ماه
Team AMD!
Adam Morabito
Adam Morabito پیش ماه
No respect for ESD... tsk tsk
Ko6pa پیش ماه
Hey, Jay, how tight do you want your clamp to be ? I think about 40-ish ...FPS is ok... 🐙🤷😆
Aleksey Altecor
Aleksey Altecor پیش ماه
for that size of screws you need only a couple in-lbs, that wrench is still oversized. what you need is a torque screwdriver like this one www.mcmaster.com/5871A51
KidRiver پیش ماه
I come from the future Jay you have covid
mepracing پیش ماه
Jay have you considered using a Torque screwdriver for those small screws and delicate parts? keep all the great content coming.
Maxwell J. S.
Maxwell J. S. پیش ماه
"Tech Unplugged" Could be a good series title for these type of Vlog like videos.
Marvin Jügel
Marvin Jügel پیش ماه
"Europe units" more like rest of the world except for a few countries units haha edit.: guess i'm one of many that got triggered by that
CmdrX3 پیش ماه
Not much of an in house repair centre to be honest if they can't fix that.
John-Paul Tolczyk
John-Paul Tolczyk پیش ماه
yes you do need a break from these test Jayson yes and take that break from it😉😉😊😊👍👍😴😴🥱🥱
WaltsWorker پیش ماه
Gray Kitty of Gamers Nexus says that: "...technically a technician can do it with the proper equipment, but it looks like you broke the pad and part of the circuit board tracing off..." He guesses that: "...the side of that resistor with the dark 'end' has the pad still attached. Many issues with trying to 'repair' that kind of equipment." If you're lucky they'll replace it with the exact same board, or at worst they'll mount the GPU onto a 'new board.'
Brodie Haward
Brodie Haward پیش ماه
You can get torque handle screwdrivers with a 1/4” drive that go below 1Nm. One of those paired with a deep socket would be perfect for this application.
Mislav Krleža
Mislav Krleža پیش ماه
@JayzTwoCents It just breaks my heart. I would be happy to be able to get even 1080 ti, and you keep playing with these unobtainable GPUs... I'm so sad.
Blake Olinger
Blake Olinger پیش ماه
EVGA is WORTHLESS if they cant solder that back on there. wtf
koky179luckyn0ob 1
koky179luckyn0ob 1 پیش ماه
Cant you mix somekind of wrench from threadripper original torque wrench?
Wolf Brave
Wolf Brave پیش ماه
Use heli coil for the strip thread. That's what people use to repair strip thread.
Rcj728 Now
Rcj728 Now پیش ماه
Can't find small metric screws at the hardware store? Go to a r/c hobby shop, be willing to bet you would fine what you need there.
Jean-Sebastien Levesque
there is torque charts on the web available for every screw sizes. Get a threads gauge to identify the right nut... any shop selling bolts and nuts can provide you the right one with this info. This stiffener plate with the loose screw... i would drill and install an helicoid to fix it. Helicoid insert in aluminum is strong as steel
"European units". 🤣 You mean the rest of the world units. Although, we do still have both in my country and it's easy to get tools or parts for either. Also, that soldering job would be done in house here and not sent to Taiwan or anywhere else. Techs here normally do it themselves rather than take it back.
J. A. G.
J. A. G. پیش ماه
Considering the amount of junk that comes from asia with US system parts and the amount of things that come from Europe that comes with US system...I'm beginning to think that no one uses it aside from here
Michael Gerard
Michael Gerard پیش ماه
Keep doing these videos. I got frustrated and want to give up, then I saw you frustrated and I know it’s not me. I’m a grab a beer and keep going, I hope you get some good scores coming up!
cholomackdaddy پیش ماه
How did he brake it off? Thought those things were on there pretty hard?
Volts PC
Volts PC پیش ماه
why dont you send this card to rossmann? way quicker than shipping it out of country
LuciferGamingXV پیش ماه
I also hate how precision doesn't retain settings but sadly afterburner doesn't seem to apply custom fan setting to all three fans on my card so anytime I shut my computer down or put it to sleep I have to re apply all settings.
Glenn Jarle Iversen
Glenn Jarle Iversen پیش ماه
I just love to se how hard and how much work it is too even get close to the top of the litt. Keep it up jay you can make it, i bilen in you.
Shiny Sky
Shiny Sky پیش ماه
Nice GLE 63 S tho
Zeek M
Zeek M پیش ماه
They named it King Pin so that criminals would buy it Jay.
Jason Zacarias
Jason Zacarias پیش ماه
All this for frame rates. Like, i get it but a bit much for the few extra frames lol
John Scaramis
John Scaramis پیش ماه
3:56 "standard vs. metric" A typical US view on things?!? Just to put this in the rigth place, in most of the countries of the world, metric is standard.
BigBadCiviC پیش ماه
it's typical for Americans to think the world revolves about them only
Kamiccolo Freeman
Kamiccolo Freeman پیش ماه
Jay sell me a kingpin 3090 lol I cant get ahold of one. Waiting since they released but no notify from evga....
VGTJDB پیش ماه
"Let's go to EVGA" Can they give me a 3070 at MSRP?
Little Thunder
Little Thunder پیش ماه
where is this because i need to fix my 2070
Raz Black
Raz Black پیش ماه
learn to solder.. that was a two minute fix
Lord Virus
Lord Virus پیش ماه
Why was it so hard for them to replace a ceramic capacitor? Any half decent repair group should be able to fix that in 5-10 minutes with a hot air station, tweezers, and flux.
c gokey
c gokey پیش ماه
someone needs to take you to FASTENAL its like mecca for fasteners
MrDanypy پیش ماه
Techlab nao e foda manito jay2real
bill o'neil
bill o'neil پیش ماه
don't beat yourself up jay! you have awesome content for the average joe/jane! down to earth unlike ltt ( fellow canucks) but you keep it real and honest for regular folk. sharing your struggles with tech, points to the fact that you keep it real and don't try to hide the blemishes. much appreciated ! much love to you and your crew! keep up the great tech tip content !!!!!!
Urlond پیش ماه
Sum nuts? Didn't know the guy
Wrekte پیش ماه
Okay, but who's Mercedes is that?
AudiFan 6000
AudiFan 6000 پیش ماه
completely unrelated to the video but does anyone have an actual answer to why the starter pc from nzxt has a 1050 series card ( idk if it is a ti or not )? i thought it had a gtx 1660 s or ti at minimum
Truther پیش ماه
Also called 6/32's...we use them in electrical
Truther پیش ماه
Thanks for flaunting what no one can get right now
Stony Baboon
Stony Baboon پیش ماه
his was a god colab with Rossman that guy is needing content and u have the content for him, and content for you and didnt even try....
Champton پیش ماه
Dont beat yourself up team. Punching up with the XOC lads is pretty impressive.
Matt Misner
Matt Misner پیش ماه
newton meters, probably spelled it wrong
RdL پیش ماه
you dun fcked it up
Mortophobe:Gaming پیش ماه
wtf is an inchpound? do you mean newtonmeter?
Mortophobe:Gaming پیش ماه
lol "standard vs metric"... metric IS the standard, you american imperialist!
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson پیش ماه
Love these videos!
Rob The Squire
Rob The Squire پیش ماه
I can always screw deep enough..lol
Trusty Steed
Trusty Steed پیش ماه
What you need is an in-0z torque wrench
Vinny2142 پیش ماه
Waiting for EVGA to come back and say: "Well.. Have you tried praying to the Omnissiah?"