If you like weird cases, then you HAVE to see this! 

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JayzTwoCents پیش ماه
Important ad correction! Micro Center is currently giving away a free pair of bluetooth headphones! See the description for more details! sorry for the mistake.
Shane pressnall
Shane pressnall پیش 2 روز
That thing dose look like a piece of starwars tech or something so a weathered build would be cool
Hyperstrike پیش 20 روز
Contact the guys at Catalyst Game Labs! A BattleTech build would be AWESOME!
dawson gamblin
dawson gamblin پیش ماه
cyber punk build ???
TheBigManUno پیش 16 ساعت
If I was a case manufacturer. I'd mess with Jay by sending bigger & bigger boxes for smaller & smaller chassis.
joshua morin
joshua morin پیش 3 روز
ANY time you get a big box that you don't want to open, pm me and I'll happily send you my address. :-)
love2rogue پیش 3 روز
gud intro
02GTConvert پیش 3 روز
I still like the V8 engine idea. Would be crazy on the front end of a custom sim rig build!!
Firestar 2525
Firestar 2525 پیش 7 روز
Definitely reminds me of a Clan mech. Timber Wolf maybe?
HWS_ Wolf
HWS_ Wolf پیش 7 روز
Do a black X-Wing Republic Cockpit build in it.... that would be SICK lit with an orange or frost blue
Johan Helmel
Johan Helmel پیش 8 روز
I know I’m late to the party, but this case would look awesome as something you would find in the Star Wars Episode I scrapyard. Think salvaged from a ship with cut wires and cooling tubes like it was part of something bigger.
Mental Gaming
Mental Gaming پیش 9 روز
It needs a flux capacitor in the water loop
James Barnes
James Barnes پیش 10 روز
Ghost Games
Ghost Games پیش 10 روز
Fallout case fallout case fallout case power armor
Benjamin Luscombe
Benjamin Luscombe پیش 12 روز
I missed the giveaway 😥
Ben Bouissieres Music
Ben Bouissieres Music پیش 12 روز
Oh man, do a build in this case! The V8 idea sounds amazing!
CX X64
CX X64 پیش 13 روز
Mech Warrior build all the way!!!! Make a torso and some legs lol
Edwards8816 پیش 13 روز
Bit late to the party but it kinda looks like a tie bomber out of Star Wars
dean muscat
dean muscat پیش 13 روز
Also looks like the chest plate of gypsy danger from pacific rim
Jackson پیش 14 روز
Personally I would see about moving the front panel connectors and standing the thing big fan side down and building it that direction. Break from the mold.
Heath Ratliff
Heath Ratliff پیش 15 روز
Pair it with the tub from a defunct Morgan 3 or Morgan 4, force feedback driving/flight controllers, and driving/flight Sim style rear projection screens for a refined immersive simulator.
Kurho Oni
Kurho Oni پیش 15 روز
i think its better to have no case that this thing
Diranu Kun
Diranu Kun پیش 15 روز
Would have loved to see you build some custom build with this case 🤯🤩🤞🏼
Robert Wright
Robert Wright پیش 16 روز
Mechwarrior all day long, or the V8 engine.. I run with both
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson پیش 16 روز
With that fan in the front and mechanized look, it reminds me of Gypsy from Pacific Rim.
KnifedByAKangaroo پیش 17 روز
star trek themed ship build
Badfinger Smith
Badfinger Smith پیش 18 روز
I like your idea of starwars peace debris from a motor like a Lazer blast 😀 but it looks back to the future look becauseof the two doors,, they could come up with gr8 ideas 💡 I see the end of office desktop coming to an end, who ever came up with this idea 💡 I FU##ING LOVE
laurits damgaard
laurits damgaard پیش 18 روز
BUILD IN IT pls i would watch it five thousand times
Mads پیش 19 روز
Will we ever see this build?
Matt Franciola
Matt Franciola پیش 19 روز
Link for the screwdriver?
Inri Felix
Inri Felix پیش 20 روز
A metal gear case theme with this would be amazing
ashelon02 پیش 20 روز
Gundam all day
Pooka Chu
Pooka Chu پیش 20 روز
looks like a Tie-Fighter
FAB Online, LLC
FAB Online, LLC پیش 21 روز
Looks like a AT-AT body. Put some legs on it with a couple of cannons out the front.
BAY35 پیش 21 روز
manI can't wait till next year when Jay finally gets this build done lol
Brovideolol پیش 21 روز
Change the glass panels into solar panels instead that would be insane :D
Salvus پیش 22 روز
The second I saw it I thought v8 too! That's my favorite idea.
ekulretlas پیش 23 روز
do a no guns life build :)
VR & AR dev.Studio
VR & AR dev.Studio پیش 23 روز
Poor him and his big inconvenient boxes of free uber tech! Oh well.. Within a mere 48 hours my own rare recent tech order (purchase ,.. ahem.. lol) will arrive! I got a Huion 24" Kamvas PRO Pen Tablet and Display at Quad HD resolutiob for $200.00 off direct from Huion w/ no tax and $0 shipping. After working 12 years on my old 4x3 ratio Wacom Cintiq 21UX! I even took it apart when it 'broke' after 8 years, and replaced these long incandescent light tube things, with two strips of white LEDs and after 8 years, it looked better, brighter and truer color than ever before!
Harold Stewart
Harold Stewart پیش 24 روز
I want to see a build with this beauty
General M-13
General M-13 پیش 25 روز
I'd love to see some kind of iron man build in that!
Alon Vostraikh
Alon Vostraikh پیش 26 روز
I love weird cases but this isn't catching my eye
Scale Model Enthusiast
Scale Model Enthusiast پیش 27 روز
You need to do a bad ass Tripp,e rad h20 build on that biatch
onehopeofthedoomed پیش 29 روز
A reactor, with electric blue plasma
Mechaneko61 پیش 29 روز
A kind of military/futuristic/mecha worn out build in that case would be really fucking great, you need to do it! (okay i need to see it)
Legolat پیش 29 روز
ironman build PLEASE! Make the middle fan look like the arc reactor!
Jdot Richardson
Jdot Richardson پیش 29 روز
I use to see an engine but once you said “mech” all I could see is the torso of a Gundam
TheRedGamerFPV پیش ماه
you do not know how much i want to put linear servos on the wings
dragonhed123 پیش ماه
That robot shooter editing was amazing i felt like a kid again!!
Brad White
Brad White پیش ماه
Please! It's already in the shape of a starship!! You could coil the tubing underneath the gull wing doors ind it would look so cool!!!!!
bombadoosh پیش ماه
Please oh please do a build lol
John Hopkinson
John Hopkinson پیش ماه
Put some tank track on the bottom , it looks like something from RoboCop.
b te
b te پیش ماه
Make it into a really anime dustbunnypunk mech mod, with more big ass fans
Laura Brown
Laura Brown پیش ماه
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xzyvvy پیش ماه
I wish you did some CPU giveaways. I managed to get all parts except CPU. Sitting and collecting dust for over a month now. I "purchased" 5900X from one store in December and they keep sending emails every 2 weeks about new estimated availability date from a manufacturer/supplier. I also managed to "score" 5950X from Amazon at MSRP. It's over a month now and they only sent me an email that it takes longer than usual. Just waiting for one to actually send me a package so I can cancel the other one. I have no clue when and if they will send me anything. I was never picked in NewEgg Shuffle... and before the Shuffle was a thing I only was able to see "Add to cart" once just to be welcomed with empty cart. I spent hours camping some websites, on discord with bots reporting availability and yt streams with no luck. I'm probably a bit slower than a bot when it comes to purchasing online. I picked a wrong time to upgrade my computer, but I was excited for 30XX GPU series cards. I was extremely lucky with GPU as EVGA opened a new queue for Hybrid 3090 and I signed for it a few minutes after opening the queue and got the email a few hours later. Chance of winning a giveaway is small but it's nice to have that option too.
Kyle Bohannon
Kyle Bohannon پیش ماه
Am I the only one that would be afraid of sticking my fingers/cords into that fan?
TyRecks پیش ماه
I think A V8 replica build would be cool. Make it look like an engine. Iver never seen anything like that. Could be 1of1
Adam Lankford
Adam Lankford پیش ماه
First thought was a V8, then was a center of a Tie fighter/ some space wing.
Umbrella2906 پیش ماه
@JayzTwoCents Where do i get this Blue electrical Screwdriver? :)
iFix Phone Repair
iFix Phone Repair پیش ماه
This case is beaut!! Please do a water cooled build in this!
MrGivmedew پیش ماه
@jaystwocents If anyone had problems mounting a tube res sideways you could just add a filler tube that went vertical. Technically that makes the filler tube a reservoir but that's fine. I totally want this case BTW but I already have like 10 cases in the basement. I keep building custom cooling loops in cases and then end up ripping everything out to put it back in my Corsair wall mount case that's on a pull TV mount because it makes the ultimate space saving benchtop case. This thing would take up an entire corner of my computer area lol. Love it though
George Head
George Head پیش ماه
can we all stop and appreciate that screwdriver!
Loren Gamer
Loren Gamer پیش ماه
What liquid refrigeration does it have? Since I'm looking for it and I can't find it
Alex S
Alex S پیش ماه
Yes do a build lol
Juicy Trill
Juicy Trill پیش ماه
V8 V8 V8 V8 !! Please
N Scale On Closer Inspection
makes me think of a jet fighter cockpit would nice for a Flight Simulator build
Squeeeps پیش ماه
Yes yes mech warrior build. Especially with water cooling because it’ll look like all the hydraulic lines powering things and all that
tutacat پیش ماه
Jump, jump up and get down
Chris Putkamer
Chris Putkamer پیش ماه
Dude do a Gundam style build/paint job this case already kinda looks like a Gundam chest piece
Thomas Zazueta
Thomas Zazueta پیش ماه
The Numidium from Morrowind would be neat
Glitch پیش ماه
V8 and Mesh the holes. I think that would look sweet!
AudyRen پیش ماه
I hope you gonna build in-.. errr.. on it. With 3x360 rad or 1x420, 2x360.
REDSP1R1T پیش ماه
I wish Utah had a Micro Center, god damn it.
Quacker Gaming
Quacker Gaming پیش ماه
Definitely going to be getting one when they come out if I can get my hands on it
Valur Albertsson
Valur Albertsson پیش ماه
PLZ Do a build in this Jay
Root_Login پیش ماه
Azza has some good cases, I have an Apollo 430 (orange/white). They even have cube and pyramid cases too. They also work with cyberpower pc and supply them with cases.
A Gonzo
A Gonzo پیش ماه
MechWarrior build hell yes!!!!
Anth0160 پیش ماه
No joke, legit looks like an engine
Keiz پیش ماه
Please do a build in this case!! I’d love to see it. I think it’d be awesome to do a more car themed engine type build personally
Anzhou Zyc
Anzhou Zyc پیش ماه
Emmmm, maybe u should call it "unique"
Cris n Mary Fam
Cris n Mary Fam پیش ماه
They call it "The E-ATX Engine Enclosure"... Freakin Badass, now where do I get the turbo 4 cylinder version... because that is clearly the v8 version lol.
Walter LeSaulnier
Walter LeSaulnier پیش ماه
JayzTwoCents - A friend asked me for a recommendation on a case for a build. It is his first build and he doesn't care about RGB and won't be overclocking. It will be a daily use PC. He has a VERY tight budget and asked what the best IDIOT PROOF (his words) mid tower would be for a first time builder. He said appearance is not a concern... just ease of doing a fool proof build with it. He hoped for something around $50 (US) though that is a little flexible - especially to get features for an easy build. THANK you for your time.
Trevor Jenkins
Trevor Jenkins پیش ماه
Free Spam
Free Spam پیش ماه
v6 with 2x 3 fan GPU
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen پیش ماه
Titanfall 2!
colby950 پیش ماه
I don't care what the build theme is, I just want to see you build it lol that case is so awesome
M F. AlRayes
M F. AlRayes پیش ماه
i want a red/Yellow ferrari build
Chuck Mather
Chuck Mather پیش ماه
multi motherboard server
mamazboyzRiddlerX پیش ماه
Funny how the frontpanel connectors haven't been made into a fixed plugin/cable-connector yet, still these weird spaghetti cables connectors
Jameson .Campbell
Jameson .Campbell پیش ماه
Millennium Falcon Cockpit??????
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ
Get someone to build you some turkey walker robot legs like from Hawken or Mechwarrior, and make it a standing robot case.
Danny Wiley
Danny Wiley پیش ماه
An engine Jay
awesome369 پیش ماه
Car theme please....
Pawl پیش ماه
That's a mech head. And the interesting thing is... being able to actually accommodate a beefy modern system within, if you used that case as a mech's head, it could actually power a legit full sized warrior. You'd have to collab with someone like Hacksmith or whomever but THAT would be badass, and maybe even a little creepy lol. Come on Jay, do a Terminator build, you know you want to.
GoatDev پیش ماه
Yes yes yes
Metroidvania پیش ماه
Michael پیش ماه
Make it a V8 build with a real Borla Induction V8 85mm Air Horn Kit on top.
Captn Crash
Captn Crash پیش ماه
Because of the large Fan on the Front, it looks more like an Engine. A "Sci Fi" Build with Scorch Marks sounds like the same old, same old...
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams پیش ماه
Definitely getting this when it comes available
Kindanyume .Kindanyume
New fighter based on the Gripen for Canuckistan while the dumb as shit usaf/usn/usm/etc of today suffer with the complete turd f35 (very happy i was ret long b4 that turn was forced on the poor victims of the leaves)
Alexandre Esquenet
Alexandre Esquenet پیش ماه
Really funny, thanks ^^ And great case!
Zechs113 پیش ماه
The SilverStone Technology 2.4G Wireless Remote Computer Power/Reset Switch would go well with a engine block build.
Peaches پیش ماه
This honestly reminds me a lot of Titanfall, and I would love to see this turned into a Titan-themed build