Giving Phil the upgrade he deserves! 

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Today I decided to surprise Phil with an upgrade to his work PC! This is the upgrade he DESERVED!
Learn more about the Corsaid 5000D at www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Mid-Tower-ATX-Cases/5000D-AIRFLOW-Tempered-Glass-Mid-Tower-ATX-PC-Case/p/CC-9011211-WW
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Adam Schein
Adam Schein پیش 2 ساعت
Haha. Love the StrongBad reference
foulou2008 پیش 6 ساعت
what a nice trigger video -.- that how to create more hate great job!!! and ppl dont watch this videos coz we cant get any card
BY Lux09
BY Lux09 پیش 10 ساعت
3:08 why tf u make fun of Turkish language? -_ -
VoltaicMimic431 پیش 12 ساعت
I only had 8 minutes to watch this video, so I watched it at 2x speed.
Michael Kirchhoff
Michael Kirchhoff پیش 14 ساعت
A Phil-Port xD
schubidubap پیش 15 ساعت
A 2080Ti? Ewww...
Danny Choz
Danny Choz پیش روز
Does anybody know what kind of screw driver he used?
Crash 905
Crash 905 پیش روز
13:27 "Phil port" tehe
Lucas T
Lucas T پیش روز
Old 2080 Ti... Me: with my GTX 470 always at over 90c while gaming o.o
Arn پیش روز
after so many years of draining fluid of your system, why dont you use an air compressor? flushing the fluid less than 30 sec
ShineyPikachu پیش روز
@jayztwocents what duster was that im looking for something good to use to clean my pc out regularly that isnt canned air
Ata Toraman
Ata Toraman پیش روز
Plum پیش روز
pls sell me ur 2080ti 😔
QuestionAsker پیش روز
Was getting offered a pc for 800 but don’t know if it’s worth it or better to build myself doesn’t have GPU but I have one to put in could anyone lmk if this is worth it here are the specs 1 Asus Rog Strix B550 Gaming i Motherboard 1 AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor 1 Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240L CPU Cooler 32 GB G.Skill DDR-4 3600 CL16-19-19-39 Memory 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus Nvme SSD 1 EVGA PSU 220-GS-0650 Watt Gold 1 NZXT H210I Case
Wren پیش روز
Had a very rough day and watching this made this the best 15min of my day. Thank you for the good content!
Cory Norman
Cory Norman پیش روز
I'll take that 2080ti if you don't want it! just saying lol.
Alex Garrido
Alex Garrido پیش روز
I care about that 2080ti wtf!!
Kyle پیش روز
Upgrading from a 2080ti to a 3080 is not worth it. 2080ti is still a beast.
ugug gugg
ugug gugg پیش روز
The amused dedication contextually smile because scarf densply flash below a awake dungeon. wise, dear country
Jub Threesixnine
Jub Threesixnine پیش روز
randomly phill
randomly phill پیش 2 روز
I deserve this! Lol
shirox11 پیش 2 روز
“A lil old 2080ti” oh jay 🤦‍♂️
Calum McFarlane
Calum McFarlane پیش 2 روز
This thing is crying out for some EK ZMT or Tygone Norprene tubing - no plasticiser, it'll run more or less forever.
Justin Pickette
Justin Pickette پیش 2 روز
I'll take that 2080 ti
Jack Williams
Jack Williams پیش 2 روز
I need kpx for my ryzen 3 3100
MUR47_k پیش 2 روز
that was in Turkish @3:04
Paul Anomoly
Paul Anomoly پیش 2 روز
Yo didn't Cross-Tighten the CPU block! You went from left to right. You know better than that...... JAY!
Toby S
Toby S پیش 2 روز
I was going to upgrade, but now i can't I got robbed
Thomas Riddell
Thomas Riddell پیش 2 روز
Please give away the 2080 Jay
Wille Törnqvist
Wille Törnqvist پیش 2 روز
Rafael Ocampo
Rafael Ocampo پیش 2 روز
He’s literally the meaning of DAD JOKES
utregpunk پیش 2 روز
2080TI that nobody wants.... I'll take it, better then my 2070
Flickstro پیش 2 روز
So, my assumption is that PG-based liquid doesn't corrode the fittings, yet the tubing ages over time, regardless of what you run through it. Is that correct?
I am on the internet
I am on the internet پیش 3 روز
You should dust off that road bike of yours :D
annayn پیش 3 روز
ill take the 2080
Keng Mun Lee
Keng Mun Lee پیش 3 روز
Is ram also fall into shortage supply?
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc پیش 3 روز
"He has an old 2080ti so we're gonna throw in a 3080" Translation: We will upgrade his existing high end GPU with 20% faster one. Such a.. massive upgrade
Vienna Sausage Wee Wee
Vienna Sausage Wee Wee پیش 3 روز
"Has an old 2080ti" *me giving my 3070fe to my brother that I got for 230 over msrp but now I can't get a gpu*
ShadowOfLabel پیش 3 روز
7:33 Hey if noone cares about that 2080 ti then can I have it? lol
SEan WilsOn
SEan WilsOn پیش 3 روز
So, uh. What you doin with that ol' 2080TI? Lol
Human Nature Dictates the Downfall of Humans
Yönetmeliğine uygundur
Thorvald Spear
Thorvald Spear پیش 3 روز
*_*ahem_** yOu PuT On ToO mUcH tHeRmAl pAsTe
Evan Exa
Evan Exa پیش 3 روز
I literally burst out "OLD!?" like some old person after that 2080Ti comment 🤣
hazonku پیش 3 روز
I'm sorry but the upgrade Phil deserves is a 3090 so we can have more explosions and travel vlogger style warpy transitions. 😆 That being said I went ahead & just used the soft tubing that came with my Pacifica kit and followed Jay's Watercooling for Dummies video like 4 years ago & so far no problems, despite totally neglecting my loop. It's got a drain port but there's no need for a fill line since it's in a Tower 900 & it's not hard at all to fill straight into the port.
Darin Steele
Darin Steele پیش 3 روز
don't spin fans that fast with air because it will mess up the bearings, ive done it before and broke 3 fans
LooneyKuhne پیش 3 روز
Jay you should give away that 2080
Joe Hogan
Joe Hogan پیش 3 روز
Is that AIO pumping root beer?
Fabuz پیش 3 روز
Phil port
D C پیش 3 روز
Hi Help:: finally deciding to get Asus Prime H470M-Plus Motherboard with i7 10700f with RAM corsair Lpx 3000mhz 16x4. Is this a good pc for using after effects for animation??? (I already have GTX 1660 super and other needed parts like Corsair vs650 PSU, hdd etc.) will this RAM work with this mobo which support only 2933 mhz.??
RaptorTP پیش 3 روز
don't de_dust inside xD
Dale Nichols
Dale Nichols پیش 3 روز
If no one cares about that old card I’ll take it.
Sliceville پیش 3 روز
I cant believe Phil's Port could handle a metal tool and all that liquid. Ive never seen Phil's port, let alone stuffed liked that.
Enver Bozkaya
Enver Bozkaya پیش 3 روز
3:04 ''AEEE (Atık Elektrik ve Elektronik Eşyalar) Yönetmenliğine Uygundur'' means ''Complies with AEEE (E-Waste) regulation'' in Turkish. :D
brianpc pc
brianpc pc پیش 3 روز
those were the days , big hair, big ,big collars, big bellbottoms ,big songs ,big dance moves . just setting the disco floor on fire ! all you have to do is add big RGB fans . far out ...and neat !
Frosty Streamz
Frosty Streamz پیش 3 روز
CrimsonZero84 پیش 3 روز
Liked even before watching cuz Phil
Jacob Bryant
Jacob Bryant پیش 3 روز
THoSe aReN’T PapEr ToWElS tHEy’Re SHoP tOWEls lol
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones پیش 3 روز
I'm glad you put a Phil port on fill's PC! 🤣
GGaming پیش 3 روز
Stop bullying Kyle 😂😂😂
Ole پیش 3 روز
How many times he said "Phil" in this video. Phil port, philling the loop, phil something something. Phil it up, baby!
Syed Saqab
Syed Saqab پیش 3 روز
I want want the desktop message that was blocked off I bet it begins with the word and Jay mentioned Phil port. Lol
Charlo Cabural
Charlo Cabural پیش 3 روز
Hello I am a First Year I.T. student right now since the Pandemic strikes I struggle on my study coz everything is online schooling is online So I just go to JunkShop to buy System Unit that I can fix so under 10 dollars I Fix 3 system unit. 1 of them am using on my schooling Its a junkshop build hhaha It have PENTIUM E5400 CPU A ASUS p5kpl-am epu MOTHER BOARD A GEFORCE 210 GRAPHICS CARD A 2 GB 800MHz and 4 HDD highest capacity is 500gb and lowest is 120gb WD Blue Now a Days yes its working for office work WORD EXCEL PPT all of those but in term of Programming application ding it WINDOW 7 that can't update I try to install window 10 but the HDD is not Recognize by the install Please Hear my Story maybe you can help me 😔 I am From Philippines a Dollar here is almost 50pesos I really need your help to survive this College Schooling 😔 Here's my FB LINK: facebook.com/charlo.cabural THANK YOU FOR READING MY STORY HOPE YOU HELP ME 🥺
Charlo Cabural
Charlo Cabural پیش 3 روز
Its only have 1 stick of DDR2 2gb 800MHz
StitchJones74 پیش 3 روز
Oh look a 3080..... *down vote*
Okasha پیش 3 روز
Can i play igi-1 in this PC?
Mikey Likes IT
Mikey Likes IT پیش 3 روز
no one cares about this 2080 anymore..... I'll take it then.
nostrildamnis پیش 4 روز
Can I have the old one?
Michael Abrego
Michael Abrego پیش 4 روز
shhhhiiiiii... I'll take the 2080Ti if no one cares about it anymore! DM for address! :D
Ellipsys030 پیش 4 روز
Don't spin your fans with the vaccum jay, you know better lol I know it's fun but phil's gonna be wondering what the fuck is up with his headers lol
James Canady
James Canady پیش 4 روز
Jay lives in such a bubble. On no one cares about the 2080TI. Look at this card that no one can actually get....
FrodoT Bagginz817
FrodoT Bagginz817 پیش 4 روز
This just reminded me that I need to redo my thermal paste on my cpu water cooler lol
G Jones
G Jones پیش 4 روز
Why is the funnel pixelated?
34190cody پیش 4 روز
If you dont care for that 2080ti ill take it be a nice upgrade for my pc
Claus Skov Caspersen
Claus Skov Caspersen پیش 4 روز
I dont water cool i just use the money on pc, water cool to expensive, even its cool looking and help temp.
Claus Skov Caspersen
Claus Skov Caspersen پیش 4 روز
Wifi ?? 2 antennas on pc, hope you use cabel.
hoda hamdi
hoda hamdi پیش 4 روز
Ya he has an old 2080ti he will have a little upgrade 3080ti seriously I have bag of potato pc right here with ci 3 2100 and gt 1030 have some mercy bro
Chris Billingham
Chris Billingham پیش 4 روز
Do you always make sure to check that the loop is leak-free off-screen? I wonder if you do the traditional method of just filling it and hoping for the best while having towels everywhere or do you use an air pressure gague to test for leaks?
Tomasz Gołda
Tomasz Gołda پیش 4 روز
Why don't use that dust blower instead of blowing into the tubes?
Kain Kage
Kain Kage پیش 4 روز
The upgrade he deserves to play Cyberpunk with better fps.
Aaron Victor
Aaron Victor پیش 4 روز
Haha Phil port
Octo Games
Octo Games پیش 4 روز
Can I buy that 2080? :D
69BODIE69 پیش 4 روز
I've Just Built a Kick Ass Rig All the Latest Ryzen tech & full water cooling with front Distro plate & Hard Tubing,(cheers 4 your hard tubing lesson Jay) No mechanical drives Just M2's & SSD's... Then had to put my old EVGA 1070 in it... I'd bloody kill for 2080 that didn't cost more than my weight in Gold
Aenasu پیش 4 روز
.... But not the one he needs right now.
stefangonska85 پیش 4 روز
I had to dislike this video cause I'm watching it on Intel HD graphics...
Adjodha B
Adjodha B پیش 4 روز
What's that blower device you're using?
Drew پیش 4 روز
if you don't need the 2080ti I can take it and use it to hold my bedroom door open :)
Omel Medina
Omel Medina پیش 4 روز
I care about the 2080ti! Can I have it? I know, I'm shameless
Mrsssniperwolf_ LRK
Mrsssniperwolf_ LRK پیش 4 روز
i mean i got a 960 ill buy that 2080 ti from u
paul taylor
paul taylor پیش 4 روز
FWIW Primochill Primoflex tubing NEVER changes color. I have had systems I built come back years later for upgrades with their tubes in perfect condition.
Kutlu Tortop
Kutlu Tortop پیش 4 روز
3:05 Turks really found a way to get into a jaztwocents vid
Jayde Laviathan
Jayde Laviathan پیش 4 روز
Hey whats up with that little leaf blower? lol where can i get one?
Mad Kat
Mad Kat پیش 4 روز
Strong Bad reference made me smile
Gettoe Coding
Gettoe Coding پیش 4 روز
Why the hell would you do the piping like that ! Dammit JAY !
W-H1 U
W-H1 U پیش 4 روز
Jay: Now we've got this old 2080ti nobody cares about Me: watching him say this on a 2010 macbook pro ='(
Mäkki پیش 4 روز
Send me that 2080. I'd love to upgrade!
Mäkki پیش 4 روز
Even tho my CPU is already bottlenecking my system so...maybe you can help me with both? 🤔
corvette72778 پیش 4 روز
How much megahash can this thing churn out?
typhoonTV پیش 4 روز
Hey Jay, I know another Phil who could really use your help right now (Although it may be a bit late for him!)
Imran Abbasi
Imran Abbasi پیش 4 روز
They all say scalpers stole the GPUs but these guys have tons to spend o.0
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir پیش 4 روز
It's funny how far a novice builder can make it on IRitem.
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir پیش 4 روز
Hydro dynamics*
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir پیش 4 روز
I would've kept the 2080ti, I took one of the two 3080s I have out of my one system and put my 2080ti back in. 3080s suck.
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir پیش 4 روز
And mine aren't reference base cards.