An Airflow case that has ACTUAL AIRFLOW! 

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PC Cases have had some "questionable" airflow characteristics lately... which is why this airflow case ACTUALLY blows!! In a good way of course...
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Luke Phillips golf
Luke Phillips golf پیش روز
Hurry up and do the water cooling guide I'm awaiting things to go back to normal then doing a monster build haha still trying to decide between rigid glass or flexy tubing as I play around with my set up way to often. Haha
ryan_vp پیش روز
I actually bought one of these a white one they are so nice and really well made Corsair out did themselves this time
rePool پیش 2 روز
FYI Jay, links aren't opening to anything but the Amazon landing page.
freak777power پیش 3 روز
P600S is better and cheaper
SilverTech Mods
SilverTech Mods پیش 5 روز
Same shitty 2 fans....crazy
CrackedEight پیش 6 روز
I have the 4000D airflow completely worth it
Nasmr پیش 3 روز
You would pick this over the 4000X? I had a build but now I saw this case and I want it
Brewthers پیش 7 روز
Hey, Jay isn't it technically 13 fan support since you can do push-pull on top?
Armada Visuals
Armada Visuals پیش 7 روز
I have that case sitting right next to my desk.... empty... 😐
Khaens پیش 9 روز
Damn phanteks and lian li are having a blast with this video :D
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh پیش 11 روز
Shitty video tbh. Should've reviewed it properly by measuring the airflow with smoke and all that.
Cú_ Mara
Cú_ Mara پیش 12 روز
well I know what new case I want.
ScryTv پیش 14 روز
o11 dynamic is still my favorite case for airflow. 3 bottom intakes 3 side intakes with an aio and 3 exhaust at the top. Fresh air for the gpu fresh air for the cpu and a dead simple airflow over the entire mainboard.
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans پیش 16 روز
1:50 START because life is short.
ecotts پیش 17 روز
For a company that makes case fans you would think it would come with a decent set of fans, those ones are shite!
Mister Pinkman
Mister Pinkman پیش 20 روز
I got this case and it says it fits 360mm radiators but NOWHERE does it say the maximum thickness of the radiator. I got an Arctic freezer II 360 and my mobo (asus b550 f) heatsink forbids it to fit in my case. Anyone with this case, don’t get an Arctic freezer 360. It won’t fit
James Patrick
James Patrick پیش 20 روز
views 666k
Chris Work
Chris Work پیش 20 روز
thumbs up for the noise at the end 👍👍
Delta Nebula
Delta Nebula پیش 21 روز
Not to be a super nerd or anything which I am definitely not being right now is that turbulent flow is actually more likely to dissipate heat than the alternative. As long as the flowrate is the same(which it should be if you're using the same number of fans), turbulent flow is better for heat transfer properties! 3:15
Elessar پیش 22 روز
Btw there have been some newer versions of the Crystal 570X that has the PSU cover closed! Fortunately I got one of those and while it can be a pain in the ass to take all the glass of to clean the case, it still looks super fancy and nice with all the glass.
Ocean Bytez
Ocean Bytez پیش 22 روز
i always used side panels as a secondary intake that blows on the board itself. This made a real difference for my chipset but also helped the GPU as it happened to be directly next to it.
Rontved پیش 22 روز
I'm just saying that you can have 6x fans in the top :D I got a 360mm rat with push-pull. (In the Corsair 5000D Airflow. White!)
Krabmxster پیش 25 روز
Currently running the 4000D, and wanted to jump to something bigger with more fan space and this case ticks every right box! Corsair's finally on track for greatness.
Alex K
Alex K پیش 26 روز
13:07 . _ .
Lars Viklund
Lars Viklund پیش 27 روز
There's a bit of a low hum in the background below the music, kind of like a ground hum or an AC in the background. Had to dial down the EQ on the amp to get through the video :(
Ahov29 پیش 27 روز
a good airflow case have almost always the same design :V.. also if u put some noctua fans instead the stock.. is a win
Ray P. Cebrian
Ray P. Cebrian پیش 28 روز
the e-atx isn't a current form.... okey, so. where suppose i build my e-atx motherboard rig? in a container??? (it's a joke)
The Beerded One
The Beerded One پیش 29 روز
I love that he rips on himself relentlessly. Easily the funniest PC'tuber on the internet.
Moncef Khalifa
Moncef Khalifa پیش ماه
iTs Whoopie
iTs Whoopie پیش ماه
ive just purchased a 4000x from amazon next day prime dellivery causw why not. got some new custom cables and a new mobo and processor doing a full rework of my own personal Rig this video was great cause the 5000D is simillar to the 4000x so i know what imma be getting when my case comes (I dont got a new GPU cause i am not paying 3x msrp price lol) been sitting on this decition for a week glad i bought the 4000x looking forward to moving my current system into it
Spair پیش ماه
What do you think about cylinder-shaped cases?
UnrealUnicorn پیش ماه
the Corsair 275R also has amazing airflow
Cezar Alexandru
Cezar Alexandru پیش ماه
You and other youtubers should accepts and embrace nvidia's choice to limit the mining capabilities of the RTX 30 cards
Andy Hwang
Andy Hwang پیش ماه
oooo the evga boards with the 90degree power connectors would be sick in this case almost no visible cables *DROOOOOOOOOOL*
Choimeca پیش ماه
Whats the knife? Spyderco Military?
PajamaSlamJamma !
PajamaSlamJamma ! پیش ماه
Uhh what’s the name of this case ? The description doesn’t link to a case ...
Becomperr پیش ماه
he said it's a 5000D (airflow)
Stetch پیش ماه
Dont like the mesh. Looks like grandmas 1962 wallpaper pattern. Just missing the brown and orange.
ZXTech پیش ماه
xcNeptune پیش ماه
can you control lighting with that controller?
HijoDPuta پیش ماه
“Funny how the numbers get bigger and they all have the D..... moving on “ was the best transition 😂
GamingChefRob پیش ماه
Just got mine today and nothing but cheap plastic to keep the front together. UPS shipped from Amazon. I’ll message pictures
spish rose
spish rose پیش ماه
iv been buying parts since September to do a water cooled, but I just got the 3080 so I'm getting close. NEEDDDDDDDDDDD More Vids!
darthvalkyr پیش ماه
"That's the english manual" RRRRIPPPP!! Exactly what I do :)
Timothy پیش ماه
I just lost it at Fractangle. That was gold!
Nicholas Baldwin
Nicholas Baldwin پیش ماه
Love this case. Keep wanting it more and more
Spoony پیش ماه
17 minute video and you managed to not accomplish the one thing a case is meant to do, hold components.
TerraSai پیش ماه
If only there was no grey. It looks so bad 🤢
skipee45 پیش ماه
Kind of funny i adore corsair but dont give a shit about a new case and just watch the entire video nice vid jayz
Joshua C.
Joshua C. پیش ماه
I want to see a successor to the 250D from THIS Corsair. That case was discontinued LONG ago, and Corsair hasn't touched the ITX form factor since. Probably was for the better if the 280X is anything to go by for what they would have made ...
jgdpsu پیش ماه
Got a white 4000D airflow myself. Would have gotten this case myself if it was available.
Eric F
Eric F پیش ماه
I just purchased it , YAY!! Now I just don't know which way I'm going to go. AMD or Intel , I'm way over due for a new build . Upgrading from a i7-3770k , GTX680 , Maximus V Formula and so on ... SO EXCITED!!
JustNel پیش ماه
Make an update video for the lian li lancool 2 mesh
TheTargetlockon پیش ماه
Wish white cases would be full all white without any other accents of Grey etc...
TheTargetlockon پیش ماه
I love Corsair cases but wish there was more storage space and mechanical designs to them along with easier cable management room.
TheTargetlockon پیش ماه
NZXT for airflow I think not. NZXT is a disappointment so far this year and last year.
Lee Blake
Lee Blake پیش ماه
Love my 570x crystal (I did get the psu shroud cover piece). Perfect balance between airflow and looks. You CAN have your looks and airflow, too. This case is one of the few other cases I've liked (011 dynamic being the other).
justrosy5 پیش ماه
What's the point in having such a tall case if there's no support for 5.25" - 2.5" drives? Might as well cut the height in half and go with a mini-ATX motherboard.
this is Dan
this is Dan پیش ماه
inwin 101 has the back open like that to make up for no front and is older model
Evan Griffith
Evan Griffith پیش ماه
The boundless chard modestly polish because exhaust intialy harm astride a changeable support. ethereal, daily lyocell
Zeroplanetz پیش ماه
I want to see more cases with the ports control panel on the front bottom ish area or left side front/bottom portion area. I’m tired I oddly bent and hanging cables.
David Kidd
David Kidd پیش ماه
Why hasn't someone made a right angle 24 pin cable yet?
Hamlinz Music
Hamlinz Music پیش ماه
Hello Bro JayzTwoCents, can you help me fix my pc it wont boot before this happened my pc keeps crashing randomly now it wont boot. Hoping to get some help i really need my pc for my class
Jesta 1865
Jesta 1865 پیش ماه
dear Jay, have you seen this, possibly the madest cooling solution to replace 4 fans, iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/bZqKZ6qtzKCrhJ8.html
Sean Labbe
Sean Labbe پیش ماه
4:13 this was slick
L1K30N3 پیش ماه
my watercooling never fit inside these new cases..i stuck back in the days with big tower chieftec for masterblasters and now on coolermaster with 12 fans xD and 3 radiators
Nathan West
Nathan West پیش ماه
is there a case that combines a lot of space, a lot of airflow and silence? after years of looking, trying different cases and configurations I ended up with the corsair 600q what seriously bothers me is that the front is clipped on, so every time I need to clean the filters I literally have to "just yank hard" to pull it off and the onboard fancontroller isn't that great I want to build a new rig in 2022, so I'm starting to look for parts now
Graf Marcula
Graf Marcula پیش ماه
I'm actually thinking of buying this case in both black and white to do a colour mashup, since you can not seem to get the parts individually like shown on the corsair website
Naught Meinäm
Naught Meinäm پیش ماه
Anyone beginning to realize from this comment section how utterly beaten to death and insufferable the "x: [ ] y: [ ]" comment format is getting? For the love of god, just shut up and be a little creative for once
IDK why people worry about airflow so much. I have the 570X Mirror Black SE (which is one of the sexiest cases ever built but SUPPOSEDLY one of the worst for "airflow") with 6 fans total and it is DEAD silent under almost any load. All QL120/140 fans. Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4.4GHz. Never breaches 60c and is QUIET. I don't get this marketing "gimmick".
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh پیش ماه
Jay check out the Cougar MX410 mesh, it's an amazing high airflow budget case. I'm not a cougar shill I bought mine for $60 and it's the best budget case no one talks about.
Zackary Fernandez
Zackary Fernandez پیش ماه
I have this case, and I HIGHLY recommend it!
Ray Ventura
Ray Ventura پیش ماه
So wild... I've followed you for years and today I discovered that my account no longer followed you... I was wondering why I haven't seen any of your new videos.
David Crusoe
David Crusoe پیش ماه
I've got the 4000D, it's great!
Bullettube پیش ماه
That case has almost as much air flow as my Cooler Master HAF-900 case. Sorry Jay, but having a 280mm fan, and four 180mm fans beats this case any day. AND,,,it's quiet to boot! AND,,,Any graphics card up to 15in long will fit! AND,,,It's black! No sissy colors for me!
DougieBoy پیش ماه
Interesting that I was just looking at this case to buy for my new computer and then Jay did a video on it. :)
No Name
No Name پیش ماه
Airflow means dust flow, prepare to clean.
Doge 2024
Doge 2024 پیش ماه
I went all in on Corsair and I may never look back. Yeah I'm looking at you, Razer.
MaDDeX پیش ماه
My favorite is iCUE 465X RGB. tempered glass at the front which look amazing but also have good airflow.
W4FF13R پیش ماه
Wish they'd do a Gun Metal grey for it, such a good color for a case
Igor Dasunddas
Igor Dasunddas پیش ماه
I like your reviews with a little comedy. You also remind me of a good italian friend I have. So ... Finally subbed.
Pete HrapStick
Pete HrapStick پیش ماه
Wait 2.5 high capacity ssds are cheap?
Swirrll the Doggo
Swirrll the Doggo پیش ماه
Review of the phanteks p300a?
yellowkoolaid E
yellowkoolaid E پیش ماه
All the other cases in existence “And I took that personally”
Dagamon357 پیش ماه
NZXT: *nervous sweating*
Good Citizen
Good Citizen پیش ماه
Didn't gamer's nexus review this like 2, 3 weeks ago?
Dommy Salami
Dommy Salami پیش ماه
*look at this manual* *Drops a brick*
PC_GameWorld پیش ماه
i rather you do cases than gamernexus, you show more and are more realistic
Nicholas Bassaholic
Nicholas Bassaholic پیش ماه
It looks alright, but I need to find somewhere to put my 5 hard drives
Bert Nijhof
Bert Nijhof پیش ماه
In Q1 2019 I bought a XTech Midi Tower & Power-Supply Combo (600W) for DOP 1500 (~$30). I love the tower, it looks nice and it is completely black. Currently a comparable combo in the same shop would costs ~$40. The metal is somewhat thin, but the tower has mounts for SIX 3.5" HDDs and two DVDs. The tower has space for one 92mm fan in the front; one in the back and two 120mm fans in the side panel. It has two USB 2.0 connectors; a hole for a third USB connector and Headphone/Microphone connectors. It has a reset button and a large power button with a RGB LED strip around it. Powered-on it is blue, when the disk is active, it turns red. I love that Combo, with its mini-RGB and the Ryzen 3 & Radeon stickers. The system runs a Ryzen 3 2200G. Currently through circumstances I use one ancient 2-pin exhaust fan, but temps are always below 65°C and the fan noise is drowned out by my room fan :)
Eveonline Account
Eveonline Account پیش ماه
Has airflow! Provides no testing for airflow, then tells you to wait for water cooling video....FML.
James Burns
James Burns پیش ماه
Jay I have the 4000x Corsair case and it is small, but such a beautiful case. I will post pics to your twitter soon.
maxx skillz
maxx skillz پیش ماه
jay is back !
The Skipper
The Skipper پیش ماه
Just an FYI the newer 570x crystal cases come with a pre-installed shroud and lower grommet.
fafardh پیش ماه
1:34 Hey! I like my boring rectangles. They do the job, and that's all a good case really needs to do well. They're also quiet, sleek, and not too flashy. 3 things which are important for a device that needs to be running almost 24/7 literally (no seriously: literally, not figuratively) about 4 meters from my pillow.
D1RTY F0RSYTH پیش ماه
the Amazon US link doesnt work....
Little Shadow
Little Shadow پیش ماه
Off top. Can someone explain to me...how come I can get two vaccines in my arm and still somehow can't get my hands on 6800. How long do we have to wait?(
RxSwolldier پیش ماه
this is best case of 2021, like mine but black.
Austin Bragg
Austin Bragg پیش ماه
Okay, why tf was I unsubscribed? I knew my life had been missing something!
TuttoCrafting پیش ماه
Why can't we get an inverse atx case like this. Inverter atx are expensive like hell. For those that wonder why not put the pc to the opposite side i have a good old cast iron radiator in the right side of my table. Yea.
Carl B
Carl B پیش ماه
I have this case, been using it for 2 weeks and it's amazing.
SpraySpree پیش ماه
Did anyone else think that those 3X rear fans were a graphics card with ryzen ext. connected or am I alone?
racingtheweb پیش ماه
My 2011 Antec Three Hundred Case has a side vent too, just right in front of the GPU :-)) I put a 120 mm fan there and it's super useful to get hot gpu air out of the case.
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